EA’s Iron Man Game Will be Open-World

EA Motive's Iron Man Game Could be Open-World, Job Listing Suggests

Abdullah Waseem
Abdullah Waseem
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Iron Man game artwork
  • Iron Man game could be open-world
  • Details on the game are very scarce
  • No official confirmation yet

Last year, EA revealed that its Motive Studio is working on an Iron Man game. Fast forward to April 2023, and the details on the game are still quite scarce. Despite EA being stealthy about it, a new job listing has revealed that the Iron Man game will be open-world. It will be great news, if true for the fans of the franchise.

Job Listing Reveals the Open-World Nature of Iron Man Game

A job listing on EA’s official website suggests that the Iron Man game will be open-world. The job opening is for a ‘Senior Writer’ who has an ‘Experience in open world and non-linear dialogue for games’. This is a brand new development for us as previously all we knew was that it is a single-player, third-person adventure game.

iron man game
Iron Man Game Concept Fan Art

If the listing is indeed for the Iron Man game, the prospect is quite exciting. We know the hero’s abilities revolve around mobility and shooting. So, an Iron Man game where you can wander freely is surely something fans will look forward to. If done correctly, it could be EA’s answer to Marvel’s Spider-man games.

Iron Man games have been done in the past as well but have been really underwhelming. The same was the case with the Avengers game which Iron Man was a part of. However, while the news is exciting it isn’t at all a confirmation. EA has been really quiet about it and it seems they’re planning to keep it that way for now. After successfully delivering Dead Space Remake, the expectations are quite high.

What are your thoughts on Iron Man being an open-world game? Let us know in the comments down below.

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