Elden Ring Trailer Leaked Online; Full Reveal May Follow Soon

Sarthak Khurana
Sarthak Khurana
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A still from leaked Elden Ring footage

Just a few hours ago, we published a story bearing disappointing news of Elden Ring’s absence at the upcoming Xbox Event. In a blurb, the post mentioned that Elden Ring’s reveal is ‘fluid’ and will be made by a trailer online.

[Updated Post]

Here is the compiled trailer:

and here is another video that could be related:

Thanks to AllGamesDelta!

[Original Post] Just a few hours later, leaked footage from the Elden Ring trailer started floating private channels and now we have it before our own eyes.

Apparently, a lot of footage has been leaked, including gameplay. I suppose the steam had built up and it was only a matter of time before it was released. We were hoping that Bandai and From Software would be the first to show it off, but the internet had other plans.

A third part has also surfaced:


While it seems the footage was captured from a 2006 Nokia, you can still make out the nitty details. The leaked Elden Ring trailer shows off similar to that of the Souls series and Sekiro. However, we also witnessed new components such as horse riding. This is a clear indication that Elden Ring’s map will not only be open, but so vast that it can’t be scaled on foot. No Souls game has ever attempted such a world approach but rather preferred to stick with linear environments.

At 0:04 of the first GIF, we also see a huge tree in the background. This may be Yggdrasil, the Norse Tree of Life. While G.R.R Martin has so far not said a word about the mythos of Elden Ring, Norse mythology is the base of most of the modern fantasy since the dawn of Tolkien. So we can expect to see some elements from the Norse mythos as well.

Now the Elden Ring Trailer has finally leaked and it’s spreading like wildfire, Bandai and From Software may speed up the official reveal. We may even get our first ‘official’ (and high quality) look at the game in March 2021 itself.

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