Elden Ring is NOT Coming to the Xbox Event in March, But it Can Drop ‘Anytime’ Now

Sarthak Khurana
Sarthak Khurana
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Xbox is holding a ‘What’s New for Gaming’ event on 23rd March, welcoming Bethesda as a first-party studio and revealing their plans for upcoming games. Rumours and whispers pointed out that Elden Ring would make an appearance at the Xbox Event, but that was quickly shut down.

Dualshockers wrote an article summing up all the rumours that had been floating around about Elden Ring’s reveal, thanks to Jeff Grubb dropping vague hints all across the board, pointing at a March reveal and Xbox Event perfectly coincided with the said dates. However, these rumours were promptly shut down by Aaron Greenberg, the General Manager of Xbox Games Marketing at Microsoft.

Before the remorse of Greenberg’s Tweet could even dispel, a new wave of rumours started to flow around, though none of them point at any concrete reveal dates or even a gist of new info about the game.

Imran Khan, the News editor at FanbyteMedia and a well-known name in the gaming media space, said that Fromsoft will “just drop Elden Ring trailer” in one of his Twitch streams.

When Bandai Namco and From Software want to reveal the Elden ring they are going to do it by just dropping the trailer.

Imran Khan on Elden Ring’s reveal at his Twitch Stream, 2:40:05

Imran Khan further went on to say that the Xbox Event will be a small event just going over what the future of Microsoft X Bethesda holds for the gamers.

Jason Schreier, the video game reporter of Bloomberg has “strong evidence” that suggests Elden Ring will be shown relatively soon. In one of his replies, Schreier sounds like he already has seen what fans are dying to see, i.e, Elden Ring’s reveal or gameplay, but can’t spill the beans.

Another prominent FromSoft leaker hinted that “the game exists and the situation regarding more information is “fluid.” Nothing is set in stone yet and they cannot give any concrete date is to when things will happen for us.” But when the right time does come, From Software will have more than just a reveal trailer for Elden Ring.

A snippet from a prominent FromSoft leaker talking about Elden Ring
A snippet from a prominent FromSoft leaker talking about Elden Ring

All the evidence and new rumours point to the fact that Elden Ring is ready to be dropped, but Bandai Namco is just looking for the perfect strategic date to drop the big news. Apparently, Bandai Namco has registered the trademark “Bandai Namco Next”, which could be the company’s in house gaming reveal show akin to Xbox Events or Nintendo Direct. The trademark is for the purpose of “providing information about video games, computer games and amusement machines.” However, on the flip side, there is no information as to when this event will be hosted or if Elden Ring would make an appearance here.

We believe that Bandai will certainly reveal Elden Ring as soon as Q2 or Q3 2021.

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