Everything We Know About Modern Warfare II and More

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Rizwan Anwer
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Modern Warfare II just got a global reveal, announced a release date long ago, and with a return to Steam, many fans are clamoring for the plethora of information that the game is currently oversaturated with. Let us take you through everything we know so far about Modern Warfare II, and what to expect in the months that follow.

Everything we know about Modern Warfare II

We will first go through all of the official details that have been revealed by Activision in the trailer launched today.

Platforms, Editions, and Price:

The game will release for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One X|S, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. It will release on October 28th. The game has a base price of $69.99 on all the platforms. Also, for the first time in 5 years, Call of Duty is returning to Steam.

While the bigger benefit of the game on consoles is that $69.99 nets you the cross-gen bundle, including the PS4/PS5 and Xbox One/Xbox Series version of the game, the price is still the same on PC.

In addition, there are two editions of the game:

Consoles have the cross-gen bundle, and PC has the base edition – $69.99

Consoles and PC have the Vault Edition for -$99.99

– Early access to the Open Beta
– Red Team 141 Operator Pack:
– 4 Operators: Ghost, Soap, Farah and Price
– FJX Cinder – First-Ever Weapon Vault
– Battle Pass (1 Season) + 50 Tier Skips

IGS Bonus at the bottom of the Vault Edition refers to In-Game Store.

However, there is something that is not mentioned on Steam but is only visible on the Battle.net front of the game. You will get 10 hours of Double XP and 10 hours of Double Weapon XP which is only exclusive to the Battle.net edition of the game. This will not be part of the Steam purchase. (CallofDuty)

All in all, the $69.99 is a standard and that is the price for the game in Euro, Pound, and other major currencies. Hopefully, this won’t become the standard and should normalize by next year.

Multiplayer plan

According to multiple reports pouring in from various Call of Duty Leakers and even from the game’s official page on the main website, there is a lot of multiplayer content coming to the game.

We still don’t know everything about multiplayer. There is something along the lines of a Sandbox mode as well. We haven’t seen any sign of the rumored DMZ mode that was supposed to be akin to Escape from Tarkov. Even the multiplayer was not the highlight for the reveal.

Perhaps a future reveal or event will talk about the multiplayer in greater detail, as that is the main pull for many fans for this entry.

In addition, the anti-cheat, Ricochet will power Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare II.

Further continuation of the modes:

Information about Warzone 2

Warzone 2 is said to be coming in 2022, and unfortunately, will not let players carry over progress or content from Warzone. This means that all your weapons skins, operator skins, and anything you bought will be stuck in Warzone.

We also don’t have an official confirmation if Warzone 2 will be available on the PS4/Xbox One consoles, so we will have to wait for Activision to share details on that.

Perhaps the divide for the game will come in the form of keeping Warzone for the PS4/Xbox One players, and Warzone 2 for the PS5/Xbox Series players. Similar to how GTA 5 only recently shut down the servers on the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game.

Warzone will still be supported and maintained but this will divide the player base.

In addition, there is still no release date for Warzone on Mobile.


The game takes place 3 years after the events of the 2019 entry and will take players to all corners of the earth. There is also said to be a whole new level that will pay tribute to All Ghillied Up.

We have some old and familiar faces, so perhaps we won’t have to live through the death of an iconic character for a second time.

Everything Else

Call of Duty games going forward will all work in a uniform engine. Perhaps this will mean that game sizes will finally be less than 100GB and match the industry standard.

Not to mention the content packs which was by far the biggest complaint from fans.

While we only have the release date for Modern Warfare II, we have no clue about the release date for Warzone 2.0 or Warzone Mobile.

The story for the sequel is a total reboot and continues the story from the past entry, much like the 2019 entry. You won’t have to worry about the story from Modern Warfare 2 (2009) conflicting with this entry.

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