Final Fantasy XIV Online is Coming to Xbox Series X|S

Phil Spencer says More Final Fantasy Titles to Follow

Abdullah Waseem
Abdullah Waseem
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  • FFXIV Online coming to Xbox
  • Features faster loading times
  • Comes out in spring 2024

Final Fantasy XIV was an MMORPG developed by Square Enix. The title originally launched on PC in 2010 and later launched on PlayStation in 2013. In 2021, Square Enix launched a PlayStation 5 version, however, an Xbox version was missing to date. Finally, Microsoft has announced that Final Fantasy XIV is coming to Xbox Series X|S.

Final Fantasy XIV Online Coming to Xbox Series in Spring 2024

Announced at the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Fest today, the title comes to Xbox Series X|S in spring 2024. FFXIV is set to launch as an open beta through the patch 6.5x series, which hints at the beta coming really soon.

Additionally, as the title is over a decade old, optimizations have been done for the Xbox Series versions as well. Both the Series X and S will have faster loading times to take advantage of their SSD speeds. Moreover, the Series X will also support 4K.

FFXIV Online for Xbox Series
FFXIV Online for Xbox Series

While it is mainly meant to be played with other players, it includes a Duty Support system through which you can play alongside a bunch of NPC allies. Xbox has also revealed that by the time the beta launches, you will even be able to complete the entire main story solo.

Phil Spencer has also teased that this is just the start of Xbox and Square Enix’s partnership. This hints that more Final Fantasy titles will be making their way onto Xbox as well. Final Fantasy XIV Online launches on Xbox in the spring of 2024, but no solid date has been revealed yet.

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