Five Beginner Tips For Floppy Knights!

John Carlo
John Carlo
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Floppy Knights Tips!

Floppy Knights is a complicated game at first glance, but after playing and getting used to the game, you’ll find out that there are a few strategies that will help you get through to the game’s early stages. Let’s dive deeper into the strategies, as these five tips will undoubtedly change how you see the game.


Carefully Survey The Area And The Objectives

Battlefield of Level 1 - Stage 3 of Floppy Knights
Objective: Get to the veggies before the enemies

One of the most essential things in Floppy Knights is using the terrain properly and knowing the enemy placements to develop a good strategy when starting a level. Remember that you will instantly lose the round once your leader or commander dies, regardless of how many units you have on the battlefield. A good mindset when checking the area is planning a strategy around the objectives; an example of this is one level 1- stage 3, wherein you would need to grab a vegetable first before the enemy does.


Make The Most Out Of Every Turn

Lava battlefield in Floppy Knights
Use your cards to your advantage, and make sure to make a plan before executing your first action!

This tactic may easily mean something simple, but in the world of Floppy Knights, it’s complicated where almost every turn is dictated by RNG. You can’t draw good cards all of the time, and there are times wherein the cards you will get are most likely the bad ones. You need to be able to adapt appropriately and make every turn as productive as possible. One tip to make this easier is by using all of your move cards to attack an enemy and then get away as far as you can (hit and run). You might say that this strategy is not the right way to play the game, but I can assure you, for someone who barely has any experience with strategy games, this is effective for me.


Do Not Forget To Craft Cards Using Your Coins!

Card Crafting Shop in Floppy Knights
Card Crafting Shop

An often overlooked aspect of the game is that you can craft cards using the coins you earned by finishing each level and completing the objectives. You can go to the store afterward and craft a card which you can then put on your deck. I would highly recommend going for cards that restore energy or even cards that buff your Floppy Knights’ attack. Investing in movement cards or attack cards is also an ideal choice in the early game, as this can allow you to maneuver around the battlefield faster.


Block The Spawn Points With Your Units

Stepping on the enemy spawn point in Floppy Knights.
Blocking enemy spawn points is a huge help!

A unique trick that I found is that you can block the spawn points with your units by having them move on top of the spawn point itself. This tactic will prevent you from being overwhelmed and surrounded by enemies. Which will help you if one of the objectives is to defeat all enemies on the battlefield. My take on this would be to place your weakest units on top of those spawn points and have your leader or commander weave in and out of combat.


Keep Tabs On Your Energy and Make Every Move Count!

Win screen in Floppy Knights
Keeping tabs on your energy and being very efficient in movement lets you win games!

One last piece of advice that I could provide is to continuously track your energy consumption. This made me lose a whole level in an instant. Floppy Knights is like a chess game; you can’t undo moves you made during your turn. Remember, if your leader/commander dies, it’s over; you would need to restart the entire level all over again. Staying within an enemy’s range is not ideal; when you end your turn, make sure to move your units away from them so that they will not be able to deal damage, especially to your leader.

That’s it for the tips and tricks! Hopefully, these tips helped you play the game a bit; differently, any strategies that you may think of will do, but as a newbie to strategy games, these tips helped me the most. If you have any other information that you’d like to share, leave a comment below!

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