Fixfox Preview: A Humble Sci-Fi RPG

John Carlo
John Carlo
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Fixfox is a quirky yet humble Sci-Fi RPG by Rendlike. The Fixfox gameplay has a cute and cozy vibe, making for a warm yet familiar experience. The game’s setting is in the far distant future, wherein humans have evolved into animal-like creatures to adapt to the environment of Earth. In this Fixfox Preview, we will be diving into the core ins and outs of the game.

Fixfox Preview: Quick Plot Summary

The Earth is almost inhabitable due to “Global Warming.” After a short and hilarious introduction cutscene, you will be stepping on the shoes of a character named Vix. You will be tagging along with your toolbox buddy, Tin. Vix is what the game refers to as a Spacr, and a Spacr’s job is to fix broken machines.

Fixfox's Unique Loading Screen
FixFox Loading Screen when opening a saved game

As Vix, your boss considers you a liability and a clumsy mess that couldn’t get the job done. However, your boss will give you a last chance to prove yourself by sending you to a distant planet on the outer ring.

Upon landing on the planet called Karamel, a weird “Order” greets you with their ridiculous rule, which prevents tampering with the technology in their world. In conjunction, it means that “The Order” will hinder you from progressing too much in fixing their broken-down technology.

You will be exploring the world of Karamel and uncovering its mystery throughout the game. Vix will also encounter many unique and peculiar characters to help him/her along the journey.

An Odd Yet Relaxing Gameplay

Fixfox has a top-down point-of-view, similar to other 16-bit games. The gameplay mainly uses WASD keys to navigate the world. Fixfox also uses a point-and-click mechanic to fix and solve puzzles. The puzzles here are not that difficult, and the graphics interface during those sequences reminds me of a game I used to play as a child called Jumpstart.

Fixfox gameplay puzzle of fixing Chatterbox
Fixfox Chatterbox Puzzle Gameplay

By no means is this game trying to be complicated. However, it does pose a bit of a challenge and requires your brain to chug a few times.

During your venture in Karamel, you will encounter a few options to travel, such as a space motorcycle and even a bug-like mechanical creature. After getting further into the game’s opening sequence, it introduces the Pirates and the Order. These are mechanics that NPCs will further explain in the game; let’s just say you need to plan your actions carefully once the game introduces these mechanics.

What is Fixfox All About?

According to the developers, Fixfox mainly represents positivity and peace. Developer Jaroslav Meloun also stated that he wanted to vie for a game that offers a challenge without having their players feeling cold and left out in the open.

Fixfox, Vix talking to Geu, an in-game NPC.
Fixfox: Vix talking to an NPC.

No Man’s Sky heavily inspired Fixfox through the sheer nobility of open explorations and the fun involved in “the mystery of the unknown.”

When Will Be Fixfox’s Release Date?

Fixfox will be out on Steam on March 31, 2022. The pre-order is not yet available on Steam; however, you will be able to pre-order the game on the official Fixfox website.

Fixfox's Job Board system
Fixfox: Job Board

There are currently three pre-order options from the official website:

  • Standard which only comes with the Steam Key
  • Ambitious Adventurer which offers the Steam Key plus digital goodies such as wallpapers, soundtracks and even social profile icons.
  • Spectacular Spacr which includes all of the incentives of lower tiers plus a “How to be a Spacr Guide”, a “FixFox to do list”, a free steam key for your friend, honorary Spacr credit and finally you get to name an in-game robot! How awesome is that?


Fixfox is a light and fun game to play. It offers that cozy feeling at home in the wondrous and luscious 16-bit world. The game is noble, simple, and knows what it wants to be, which I truly admire and love about this game.

Fixfox, Vix riding in a Speeder through the night
Fixfox Riding in a Speeder

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Hopefully, this Fixfox preview helped you decide whether this game is for you. Fixfox is coming to Steam on March 31, 2022; keep an eye out for this game!

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