Footage of Canceled Scarface 2 Game Emerges

Samam Hasan
Samam Hasan
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Scarface: The World is Yours

The footage of the canceled sequel to Scarface: The World Is Yours game has appeared online. The sequel was titled Scarface: Empire and would take place in the city of Las Vegas. Youtube channel Mafia Game Videos shared pre-alpha footage of Scarface: Empire along with details about the game’s story and design. Narlak, a former Radical Entertainment developer who worked on Scarface and its sequel, also provided insight into the game’s plot and development. Previously the same channel also revealed the concept art of the sequel to the 2006 video game.

Scarface 2 Details

According to Narlak, in Scarface 2, Tony Montana goes to Las Vegas where he starts a new criminal empire after being pushed out of Miami. You would build your own casino as well as take out other casino bosses. Additionally, there were desert sections that were used for various activities like collecting supplies and disposing of bodies. The gameplay footage shown seems to be running on PS3/Xbox 360-era hardware. It shows Tony in the city of Las Vegas which features a vibrant environment. Then, it shows Tony engaging in a gunfight with police in the city with help from his squad.

In addition, the driving gameplay is shown, which features a much clearer view of the world as well as the driving physics. Also shown was a test animation for a new revive mechanic. If Tony is hurt, he has three options: he can either die, take revenge, or take the help of a member of his NPC gang.

Activision acquired Radical Entertainment in 2008 and canceled the Scarface sequel. The reason for the cancellation according to Narlak was mainly because Activision had other open-world games in development. Moreover, Narlak also says the game was already 2 years into development when it was canceled. That would mean that the plan for the sequel was very soon after the first game.

The first Scarface game, a sort of sequel to the 1983 Al Pacino film, was released in 2006 and received positive reviews from both fans and critics. Many compared the game to GTA San Andreas and Vice City as well. Interestingly, Vice City was heavily influenced by the Scarface movie. It had sold over two million across all the platforms by 2007.

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