Forspoken File Size and Pre-Load Date Revealed

Forspoken will take up around 87 GB of storage with a pre-load date set for January 22

Abdullah Waseem
Abdullah Waseem
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  • Forspoken file size and pre-load date revealed
  • Will come in at around 87 GB
  • Pre-load date set as January 22

Luminous Productions’ Forspoken recently got a demo last month for the players to experience what is in store for them. While the marketing campaigns mixed with questionable dialogues in the game were underwhelming, the demo was not bad at all. It has overall been praised for its uniqueness with a few hiccups here and there. But for those of you who are looking forward to Forspoken, its file size and pre-load date have finally emerged.

Frey from Forspoken fighting against a monster

Forspoken Download Size and Pre-Load

Courtesy of the very reliable PlayStation File Size, we have information on Forspoken’s size and when you can pre-load the title. For those of you who are low on storage, make space, as the game will come in at a huge 87.275 GB (Version: 1.000.001). This file size may be subject to change as usually there are certain day 1 updates. For context, Horizon: Forbidden West on PlayStation 5 takes up almost the same amount.

The developers revealed that Forspoken will take about 30 to 40 hours to finish which completely explains the size. Moreover, the game has a massive open world to explore which we saw some glimpses of through the demo. As for the players who want to play the game right at launch the pre-load date has been set as January 22, a couple of days before the actual release.

Release Date and Platforms

You will be able to play as Frey in the gorgeous setting of Athia on Januray 24, 2023. It was originally slated to release in March 2022, but was later pushed to October and then 3 months more to the current date. The publisher, Square Enix is giving it the same treatment as Final Fantasy XVI. Meaning Forspoken will remain a PlayStation exclusive for at least 2 years until it’s ready to launch on Xbox. However, a PC release is also set on the same day as the PlayStation.

Will you be interested in getting your hands on Forspoken? How did you like the demo? Let us know in the comments down below.

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