Forspoken Gameplay Trailer Shows its World, Combat System, and More

Samam Hasan
Samam Hasan
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We finally get a proper look at the world, gameplay, and combat in a recent 10-minute trailer for Forspoken. The trailer was revealed at Gamescom exclusively by IGN, recently and gives us a detailed look at the overall experience of the game. Essential information about the lore is mentioned too.

Forspoken World and Combat Details

The trailer shows the vast Athia, a mysterious fantasy world. Here, players will freely explore the world. Moreover, Frey, can visit various locations in the game including Sepal, a refuge for the people. Here, Frey will get quests and information from them and in return can receive various armor and other rewards.

Forspoken Gameplay

The combat system in the game is hugely similar to that of Devil May Cry. Moreover, Frey has the ability to use combat spells that can take care of low-level enemies easily. Leveling up can be done via gaining mana. And by gaining them, new spells can be unlocked which can be even more useful.

Regarding the combat in the game, Raio Mitsuno, of Luminous Production says,

”The core of Forspoken’s gameplay is built around exhilarating action. By mastering over 100 of Frey’s different spells and abilities, you’ll be able to enjoy robust combat, exciting and intuitive magic parkour, and various missions.”

Players will be able to use their magic-enhanced parkour abilities to traverse the world as well as combine them with spells. Frey also has the ability to trap enemies in a floating bubble and burst it, and what seems like summon water to attack them.

Forspoken is the first game for Luminous Productions, the new studio by Square Enix. The game made its debut during the PS5 software reveal back in 2020. In addition to that, Technological features like ray-tracing and procedural generation will be featured heavily in the game. The game will release on the Playstation 5 and Microsoft Windows on January 24, 2023.

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