Forza Motorsport Gameplay Showcases the Initial Races

New Gameplay Showcases the Gorgeous Visuals and Early Races

Abdullah Waseem
Abdullah Waseem
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Forza Motorsport Screenshot
  • Forza Motorsport gameplay showcased
  • Showcases initial races
  • Releases on Oct 10th

A new Forza Motorsport gameplay video has been released that showcases some of the early races you’ll be taking part in. The latest entry in the Motorsport franchise was announced back in 2020, and it’s finally coming out in October.

Forza Motorsport Gameplay Gives You a Wonderful Racing-Sim Experience

First of all, we have a look at the wonderful rebuilt Maple Valley track. The graphics as you would expect from Motorsport look crisp with wonderful lighting and superb attention to detail. We also see the 2024 Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray and 2023 Cadillac V-Series in action. You can watch the gameplay below:

The early stages of the game also have some helpful training wheels for beginners. Racing lines guide you when to break and when to put your foot on the gas. A complete look at the customization screen has also been shown. You can choose from a bunch of suits.

Additionally, Forza Motorsport gameplay also showcases the Honda Civic 2018 RS in all its glory on the Grand Oak Raceway. The title has a huge list of cars available at launch. Forza Motorsport is undoubtedly one of the best racing simulations you can play. And the latest gameplay promises more of the same.

Forza Motorsport launches on Xbox Series X|S and PC on October 10, 2023. It comes with 3 different performance options on the consoles, and for PC players, you can check the system requirements here.

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