How To Gift Skins in Fortnite?

Keep Calm and Gift A Skin

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Gifting cosmetic items and skins to your friends in Fornite has been a long-standing feature that has helped in bringing the whole community closer by allowing you to share a piece with your buddies.

However, gifting skins isn’t a simple wand wave while saying viola; it’s a step-by-step process that can be confusing to understand for first-comers.

Therefore, to alleviate this great burden, we are going to be looking at how you can gift skins in Fortnite.

Gifting Skins in Fortnite

Being a free-to-play game, Fornite still generated $5.8 billion in revenue in 2022. A major portion of that money comes from in-game microtransactions which people make to buy skins. Fortnite is always bringing new skins through countless collaborations to keep making people spend some cash.

You can buy skins for yourself to flex or you can be generous and buy them for your friends. Gifting skins have long been a part of Fortnite as a way of celebrating friendship and being kind to others. If you are feeling generous or have some spare V-Bucks lying around then you should gift some skins to your friends and here is how you can do it.

  1. From the Main Screen go to Item Shop.
Fortnite main menu
  1. In the Item Shop, pick the skins you want to gift.
Fortnite items shop
  1. You will have the option to Purchase Item and Gift To Friend. Press the latter (make sure you have enough V-Bucks).
Fornite Sith Trooper Skin Preview
  1. From your list of friends, pick a friend you want to gift the skin to.
Gifting Skin To Friends Menu

Confirm and Voila! Your friend will now have the skin you bought for them in their locker.

Fortnite Gifting Restrictions

Snowball Laucher and Gift Screen
Image Credits: Epic Games

Gifting is a feature that can be a nice way to be kind to your friends or it can backfire as well if someone decides to abuse it. For example, your account gets hacked and now the hacker can use your account to gift himself some expensive skins. If that happens, say bye to your precious V-Bucks. Or not?

Epic Games was one ahead of a such self-proclaimed con artist. They have implemented a few policies that will stop such attacks dead in their tracks.

  • The sender and the recipient must have 2 Factor Authentication activated on their account.
  • The recipient must be a friend for more than 48 hours before the skin can be gifted.
  • The daily gifting limit is 5.

Such restrictions serve as a safeguard from hackers while also doing some damage control in case things get out of hand.

What Items Can Be Gifted in Fortnite?

Fornite Buy Battle Pass Screen

Skins aren’t the only thing you can gift in Fornite. Aside from them, there are several other cosmetic items that can be purchased for a friend. These items include:

  • Skins
  • BackBlings
  • Harvesting Tools
  • Gliders
  • Contrails
  • Emotes
  • Wraps
  • Music
  • Loading Screens
  • Battlepass

Almost everything you can buy for yourself can also be bought for your friends so don’t be a cheapstake and buy a matching emote for your friend as well.

How To Gift Skins From Your Locker in Fornite?

mandalorian skin in locker

No, You can’t gift items from your locker to your friends.

As sad as it may sound but it is true. If an item has crossed the threshold of your locker then it cannot be gifted to anyone now. Often times there will be skins or cosmetic items which will keep sitting in your locker collecting dust. You don’t use them but you don’t want to sell them as well. In this case, if there was a feature that could allow you to exchange skins with your friends, it would come in clutch.

This will give rise to Skin Trading which is something Fornite and Epic Games have constantly been running away from. It is hard to say if such a feature will come to Fortnite. We will have to wait and see.

Gifting skins to your friends is always a wholesome experience because, in this day and age, no one does that. If someone buys skin for you, hold onto them. Check out more pieces on Fortnite and let us know and let us know what you think down in the comments.

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