Gotham Knights: Release Date and Everything We Know

Bilawal Bashir
Bilawal Bashir
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Gotham Knights release date is close, and we’ve been seeing a lot of marketing and gameplay demos From WB Games Montréal. We have had several lengthy trailers showcasing different aspects of the videogame and even trailers for the villains and the city itself. It is always a good sign when developers are keen on showing off what they are working on, and it also helps us make better purchasing decisions.

Gotham Knights is an action RPG made by the studio that bought us Batman Arkham Origins. This time around, however, you won’t be playing as Batman. Yes, that also came as a shocker to us, but the team has done a great job of developing 4 separate Bat-family characters with distinct fighting styles. You’ll also be taking on the Court of Owls, the secret society within Gotham that controls everything behind the scenes.

We have a lot of information about Gotham Knights gathered from different previews, trailers, and gameplay demo showcases held by the developers. We also combed through interviews given to different news outlets to provide a comprehensive report about Gotham Knights. If you are on the fence about the game, they are here to fully explain everything.

Gotham Knights Release Date

Gotham Knights open world

After delaying the game to 2022 last year, Warner Bros officially announced the new launch date of October 21, 2022. The game was slated to release on October 25 but they are releasing it a little earlier than planned. It was delayed from last year to 2022 in order to bring the best possible experience for players.

Gotham Knights release date has seen one major delay. The game was first officially announced during DC FanDome on August 22, 2022, and was aiming for a 2021 release. But the stars didn’t align for the Gotham Knights release date and the game was pushed to October 25, 2022. The release date changed again at Gamescom 2022, but this time around it was moved four days earlier. 

Gotham Knight Nightwing

We are hoping that extra time given to the developers will yield a polished game. Of course, it is, after all, a modern-day open-world game, so there are bound to be some bugs, but we are hoping WB Montréal was able to crush the major ones.

Gotham Knights Release Date Platforms

Robin combat

Let’s get the bad news out of the way, Gotham Knights was planned to be released on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One series of consoles. However, the developers decided that the old gen versions weren’t working well, and PS4 and Xbox One versions were scrapped completely.

So Gotham Knights is releasing on PlayStation 5, Xbox series X/S, and PC.

There are no versions planned for the last generation of consoles or Nintendo Switch. It is a little disappointing for those who still haven’t gotten the next-gen consoles and wanted to play Gotham Knights. If the rumors are true, the Batman Arkham Trilogy could be making its way to the Switch.

At the end of the day, the developers know best, and if they think the older consoles were able to handle Gotham, we’d have to believe them. They made the right decision of pushing the Gotham Knights release date. We’ve seen how Cyberpunk struggled to run on base PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


“To provide players with the best possible gameplay experience, the game will release on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC and will not be available for PlayStation 4 or Xbox One consoles,” a developer stated on the official Gotham Knights website.

The Setting and Story

Gotham Knights Vehical exploration

Gotham Knights is set in an open-world Gotham city. Just like in previous Arkham games, you’ll be able to explore Gotham at your own pace. Unlike the Arkham games, Batman is dead. That’s right; the Bat is said to have died along with police Commissioner Jim Gordon. This means there is a power vacuum in Gotham city, and crime is on the rise.

The Death of Batman


Thankfully, Batman foresaw this happening and left a prerecorded message for his prodigies. The Gotham Knights step up to the plate and continue the legacy of Batman in protecting their beloved city. The main story follows four bat-family characters as they uncover the mystery of Batman’s death. There is also a secret criminal society called the Court of Owls, which is somehow connected not only to Batman’s death but also to Gotham’s elite.


The developers have stressed that Batman is really gone and his family is left to pick up the pieces. The Batman family faced the death of Bruce Wayne, and lost their father figure and mentor. They are, in a way, orphans now, twice in the case of some characters.

They also said their goal was to explore the aspects of the Batman universe that don’t see a lot of limelight in video games. With the Batman gone, the bat family has a chance to really showcase their individuality and grow into the role over the course of the game.

Gotham City

Gotham City

The developers have stated that the Gotham City in their game is a living breathing city. It will feature citizens roaming around and doing their day-to-day routines. There will also be criminal factions and Easter eggs for you to discover. You’ve spotted several noteworthy iconic locations pulled directly from the Batman universe across media.

There are five different sections of Gotham to explore, each with its own unique identity. Will there be more areas to explore after the Gotham Knights release date? Hopefully, yes.

Gotham Knights Release Date Characters

There are four bat family characters that you can play in Gotham Knights. Red Hood, Nightwing, Batgirl, and Robin all have distinct fighting styles and gadgets at their disposal. Some of their moves and traversal are reminiscent of the Batman games but they are mechanically different from each other as well as Batman.

Red Hood

Redhood pose

Jason Todd is back from the dead and has some serious anger management issues. In all honesty, if someone were to brutally murder me and then another villain resurrected me without my consent, I’d also have trouble curbing my anger. Red Hood in Gotham Knights is as close to a tank, he is strong and trained in multiple combat techniques.

His iconic dual pistols return but unlike the comics, Jason uses nonlethal combat rounds. Yes, we would love to see The Red Hood straight-up kill villains but it won’t happen in this game (or would it?). Here’s a dedicated Red Hood trailer released by WB Montréal:


Robin in Gotham Knights

As the youngest member of the Batman family, Tim Drake is the smartest of the bunch. He adapted the deductive reasoning and deductive skills of Batman. He is also motivated by Batman’s mission and truly believes that the city needs a hero. Robin brings his quarterstaff that is collapsible, which beautifully complements his agile combat style.

Moreover, he is also greatly skilled in the art of stealth, so if you’re a fan of sneaking around and taking down the bad guys from the shadows, Robin might be your guy. Check out his flashy combat moves in his character trailer:


Batgirl combat in Gotham Knights

Barbara Gordon a.k.a. Oracle is the Batgirl in Gotham Knights. Despite her spinal injury, she is back after enduring years of pain and rehabilitation. Her tenure as the Oracle has made her an even better crime-fighting vigilante. She is steadfast, determined, and possesses unwavering willpower.

Barbara is an expert in various fighting styles including kickboxing, jujitsu, and capoeira. She will also be bringing her iconic tonfa to the fights. Take a look at how she fights in Gotham Knights in this trailer:


Nighwing combat

If you’re looking to play with someone that has natural style and charisma, Nightwing might be the bat family character for you. He grew up in a circus family and had close bonds with not only his blood relatives but also his bat relatives. Dick Grayson is a natural leader and usually has a firm stance on things. He was Batman’s first Robin and then ventured off to BludHaven to fight crime as Nightwing. After Batman’s death, he is back in Gotham and has brought his signature aerobatics-based fighting style and dual escrima sticks. Check out his character trailer:

The Support

Batman makes an appearance at the start but developers are adamant that he is already dead. Alfred of course is in the game and we can hear him talk over the comms with the bat family. Renee Montoya is a Gotham City Police Department Detective and is probably your main contact at the GCPD. Commissioner Gordon is also dead so she will be your line to the law enforcement.

The Villains

The villains in Gotham city play as big of a role as the protagonists. Without the Joker, there is no Batman, or so many people say. Thankfully, Gotham Knights is bringing multiple iconic villains for you to fight.

Mr. Freeze

Mr. Freeze in Gotham Knights

Mr. Freeze is a cryogenics expert that faced a catastrophic laboratory accident. Now he needs a cryogenics suit just to be alive. Mr. Freeze only wants to save his terminally ill wife but can resort to usual villainy to get his way.



Clayface is also in the game and will probably be up to his shape-shifting shenanigans. We have seen glimpses of a boss fight against him but the details are short on how he ties into the main story.

Harley Quinn


Harley Quinn in Gotham Knights is much wiser and clearer on what her identity is. The developers fundamentally changed her reason to be and her story in Gotham Knights. Of course, she is instantly recognizable with her look and voice acting but this time around she’s going to be much more of a villain than a sidekick to Joker. This is a slightly older version of Harley Quinn and it shows in her boss fight as well.

The Court of Owls

Court Of Owls

The Court of Owls is a mysterious society within Gotham that secretly controls everything. In the comics, even Batman wasn’t aware of their presence and that made them a very palpable and raw threat. Talon will feature prominently in the game and will pose a good combat-based challenge to take down.

We are sure Gotham Knights will feature some additional villains and we appreciate that they are being kept under wraps.

The Gameplay

Robin Costume

Let’s make one thing clear, Gotham Knights is not an Arkham Style Batman game. It is an open-world RPG complete with characteristics and loot. It’s more like the ill-fated Avengers game than it is like RockSteady’s Arkham Games. This is however not a live service game, which is quite a relief. It’s not to say that it will be received poorly, from what we have seen, the gameplay looks phenomenal.


Redhood combat

Each of the four characters plays differently from the others and has separate skill trees and progression. The game allows you to play as four characters, Batgirl, Red Hood, Nightwing, and Robin. The whole game can be played single player or in co-op with one other player. This is a first for a Batman game and we cannot wait to see how the synergies of different characters combine during combat.

Apart from having different skill trees, styles, and gadgets at their disposal, for example, Nightwing is aerobatic and light on his feet, he effortlessly moves from one enemy to another pulling off somersaults and pirouettes. Red Hood on the other hand uses his handguns to take out enemies from range. The different gameplay of each character makes Gotham Knights a bigger game than previous Batman games.

Batcave is Gone

Gotham Knights combat

The Batcave is gone as well, instead, Belfry takes its place. Batman has already left a bat computer there so the bat family won’t be at a disadvantage technology-wise. The heroes would be able to hang out at that location during the day and go out at night to fight crime in the city.

Each hero has access to the bat cycle as well as a grapple to make traversal easier around the city. They also have unique traversal move that further enhances the exploration, for example, the Batgirl would be able to glide around using her cape while Robin has a short-distance teleportation mechanic in place.

Players will be able to select their hero, the gear, and their abilities before venturing out of the Belfrey. The game is a light RPG as well so you’ll be collecting resources when you fight crime across Gotham. The resources will be used to make suits, obtain new gear, and get upgrades. The experience earned during open-world activities raises hero levels and unlocks more skills and abilities in a tree that’s unique to each hero.

Gotham Knight Costumes and Transmogs

Batgirl Costume

What’s a superhero game without epic comic-inspired and original costumes? Not fun, I tell you. Thankfully, Gotham Knights comes with a slew of different costumes for your heroes to wear. Let’s make one thing clear, there are two types of costumes:

  • Suit styles – These are costumes that have some cosmetic and stat changes.
  • Transmogs – These are sets of costumes that are purely cosmetic, they have no stat changes. Think of them as skins.

There are 11 different suit styles for each character, so a total of 44 will be in the game. The developers stress that there won’t be any Microtransactions in Gotham Knights either, so you’ll be able to obtain all suit styles with normal gameplay. A point to be noted here is that the Beyond and KnightWatch sets are tied to the Deluxe and Collector’s Edition of the game.

You won’t be able to mix and match different sets. You’ll only be able to change certain elements of the suits and of course change the colors. The developers hired artists from France, Germany, Japan, Korea, and the US to contribute their unique ideas about the costumes.

Gotham Knights coop

Gotham Knights feature some level of customization on the suits too. Each suit style will have 4 adjustable elements: the logo, the cowl, the boots, and the gauntlets. In addition to those, you’ll have colorway, which changes the color of the suit style. Want to have a yellow-themed Nightwing? Now you can.

Gotham Knights Preorder Bonuses and Editions

Gotham Knights is available for pre-order right now on all platforms. The game has three different editions for you to select, each with different bonuses depending on how much you spend on the game. WB is throwing in a 233 Kustom Batcycle Skin to everyone that preorders, even the standard edition.

  • Standard Edition – It has the base game and if you preorder, you’ll also get the 233 Kustom Batcycle Skin. It does look pretty badass if you are asking me.
  • Deluxe Edition – The Deluxe edition has everything that the standard edition comes with and includes the Visionary Pack. The pack has “Nightwatch by Jim Lee” Transmog, Beyond Suitstyle that’s inspired by Batman Beyond, extra Salvage, boosted gear, exclusive emote, and 3 exclusive suit colorways.
  • Collector’s Edition – This edition of Gotham Knights has everything from the Deluxe Edition. In addition, you’ll get a collectible map, augmented reality talon key, Jim Lee certificate of authenticity, exclusive New Guard Statue, and Promethium New Guard Transmog.


The Co-op nature of Gotham Knights is a huge plus for gamers that just want to explore Gotham together. There isn’t any tethering either, so you could potentially be on other sides of the map and still be in the same world. Will Gotham Knights be worthy of being on our Best Superhero games list? That remains to be seen.

We’ll see you gliding or teleporting or double jumping or grappling across Gotham when the game releases on October 21, 2022.

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