Gotham Knights ‘The Kelvin Incident’ Content Update Revealed

Gotham Knights 5.000 Update Adds New 'The Kelvin Incident' Content and More

Abdullah Waseem
Abdullah Waseem
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  • Gotham Knights new 5.000 patch revealed
  • Adds new The Kelvin Incident content
  • Update is already live

WB’s Gotham Knights is getting a huge new update that adds tons of new content to the title. Despite its underwhelming performance and reviews it seems that developers are keen to keep supporting the title. The new 5.000 update brings in new content with The Kelvin Incident and new accessibility options. The update is live today.

Gotham Knights 5.000 The Kelvin Incident Update Detailed

WB has dropped Gotham Knights 5.000 update patch notes that detail everything new coming with it. You can read that all below:

  • Heroic Assault: The Kelvin Incident: This adds a new 15-floor raid available in the new game plus or after unlocking the raid area and defeating all the side villain missions.
  • Mythic Gear: This is a new tier of stronger gear that only drops in the raid. New material will drop from the raid as well
  • A new suit transmog can be unlocked
  • 4 new batcycle transmogs can be unlocked
  • New stronger enemies
gotham knights game
Gotham Knights Character Roaster

Apart from the cosmetic and content update, new accessibility features along with better performance have also been prioritized in the update. In terms of accessibility, you can finally remap your controller. Gameplay controls can now be remapped and buttons that need to be held down can be changed to a toggle.

Various fixes have also been implemented. There was a rare issue that occurred when the PS5 controller is set as a default audio device. The photo mode has also been fixed. Additionally, several smaller optimizations for the performance of both GPU & CPU have also been done.

Despite all the new content and fixes, a major issue is yet to be addressed, which maybe is the biggest flaw with the title. Gotham Knights released with just quality mode i.e. 30FPS on consoles, fans have been waiting for a 60FPS patch that is not in the latest Gotham Knights update.

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