Gran Turismo 7 120FPS Tested by Digital Foundry

Gran Turismo 7 Offers a Solid 120FPS Experience at Most of The Times

Abdullah Waseem
Abdullah Waseem
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  • Gran Turismo 7 120FPS mode tested
  • Offers a consistent 120FPS in most cases
  • Retains image quality with most modes

The recent 1.31 update for Gran Turismo 7 on the PlayStation 5 added a much-needed 120FPS mode to the game. The much-requested update went live a week ago and Digital Foundry has tested how it actually plays out. And fortunately, the 120Hz mode seems to be working really well unlike some other titles taking full advantage of the PS5’s power.

Gran Turismo 7 Delivers a Solid 120FPS in Most Cases

Originally the title had 2 modes, a resolution and a frame-rate mode both at 60Hz. However, the 1.31 update adds the following new modes to Gran Turismo 7 including both 120FPS and Variable Refresh Rate:

  • Resolution Mode at 120Hz
  • Resolution Mode at 120Hz with VRR
  • Frame-Rate Mode at 120Hz
  • Frame-Rate Mode at 120Hz with VRR

According to Digital Foundry’s testing, the experience at 120FPS without VRR at Frame-rate (1260p) mode is really solid. It delivers fixed 120FPS at all times, unlike some others that only offer a fluctuating refresh rate of up to 120Hz. At resolution mode (1440p) without VRR, it again provides 120Hz in most places with some minor hiccups.

120Hz Frame-rate mode with VRR offers pretty much the same performance as resolution mode without VRR. Resolution Mode with VRR offers native 2160p gaming but the FPS fluctuates from 70-120 mostly staying in the range of upper 90s.

The Image Quality is Retained In Most Modes

Despite the VRR being an option in the game, it doesn’t directly give you the option to switch it on or off in the game. You have to go to the PS5’s settings and turn it on or off from there. Also, apart from the resolution mode with VRR, the settings remain the same except for the grass draw distance. The image quality is mostly pretty good with a bit of aliasing on some edges. The game does an excellent job with the PSVR2 too however, it doesn’t currently support the 120FPS option.

What are your thoughts on Gran Turismo 7’s 120FPS option? Have you tried it yet? Let us know in the comments down below.

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