Gran Turismo 7’s Latest Update Makes It Much Harder To Buy Cars

Samam Hasan
Samam Hasan
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Gran Turismo 7

The latest Gran Turismo 7 update has seemingly made it much harder to buy cars than ever before. The recent update 1.07 addresses various in-game bugs within the game including a tire issue in the license tests. It was also mentioned that the credit rewards in the circuit races have also been adjusted. Some of the adjustments saw a huge increase in payouts while others saw a reduction in the rewards by almost 50%. Discord user ddm posted the changes made to the payouts in the game after the update in the game’s discord server.

We can see that only the World Touring Car races have had an increase in payout. The majority of the other races have had a huge decrease of around 50%. One of them is the rally race at Fisherman’s Ranch where you could earn 65000 credits which took around 3 minutes. Now it has been adjusted to 30000 credits. Even some races that gave only 15000 credits have been decreased to 10000 also. This certainly makes the game much grindier than ever. For context, the Racing Soft tires cost 38000 credits.

The Fisherman’s Ranch rally race was used by players to earn credits in a short time. But since the rewards have been lowered players are angry as this means they are less lucrative ways of earning credits to buy cars.

Gran Turismo 7: Luring towards Microtransactions?

The lowered credit payouts are making people think that Polyphony Digital is luring players towards the microtransactions within the game. The game lets you buy credit packs from the Playstation Store in order to purchase cars. This is not new as Gran Turismo Sport also had them but instead, you could buy the cars themselves. Most of the cars were reasonably priced.

For example, a Ford Mark IV ’66 cost 20,000,000 credits in GT Sport. You could buy the car itself for a mere $3. This same will cost around 46$ in Gran Turismo 7 by buying credit packs. The players are not happy at all with the decreased payout and the mischievous tactics used by Polyphony. The Gran Turismo subreddit already has a lot of posts regarding the payout and rewards. You also can’t play single-player modes offline even if the servers go down.

Gran Turismo 7 has been released for more than a few weeks and received stellar reviews at launch. Most of the praise was towards the gorgeous graphics, the number of cars, and the return of the singleplayer career mode. But with the recent update, the tide is turning against the game. We can only hope Polyphony Digital addresses the issues very soon.

What do you think of this news? Do you think this is the right decision taken by Polyphony Digital? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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