GTA Online PC Hacks Forcing Players To Not Play the Game at All

GTA Online Hacks Leading To Serious Problems Even Causing Issues With the Users' PCs

Abdullah Waseem
Abdullah Waseem
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  • GTA Online hacks increasing
  • Resulting in corrupted files and even affected PCs
  • Advice to not play the game for the time being

GTA Online PC is not entirely new to hacking but the exploits have rather increased in the last few days. The latest exploits are being claimed to be due to the 2022 source code leak of GTA 5. While the previous hacks were rather unharmful and resulted in small penalties, this time things have turned quite ugly. These new extreme exploits are compromising personal data forcing players to not play the game at all.

GTA Online Hacks Compromising Users Data

The new GTA online hack is more common for people who play the game without a firewall. The results of the hack are leading to multiple issues like modified stats, corrupt data, accounts getting banned and even PCs getting affected. The news came to light courtesy of a reliable insider Tez2 on Twitter. They also suggested that players must use a firewall in order to keep their accounts safe or not play the game at all.

The insider further revealed that the situation could escalate and get even worse:

The exploit is partial remote code execution. Paid mod menus are racing as we speak to abuse this to a further extent. This could transform into something much worse to extend beyond a game and affect your PC.

Tez2 via Twitter

Since the earlier report, Tez has updated that Rockstar is now fully focused on resolving the issue. The first step being taken by the developers is to log out the affected accounts before the first mod menu starts abusing the new exploits. Remote Code Execution attacks can directly target another person’s computer through exploits in a system which in terms can cause much more than in-game damage.

However, the fans are rightfully worried. The best practice, for now, is to completely give up on GTA Online and wait till the situation is resolved. For those who still want to play, Speyedr, through their Twitter account has revealed how to keep yourself secure.

Meanwhile, the path Rockstar has been on has been quite rocky for some time now. Adding to the GTA 5 source code leak last year was the GTA 6 hack. But the situation for the players is currently grave and we are hoping Rockstar can resolve it as soon as possible.

What do you make of the GTA Online hack situation? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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