Guerilla Games Looking to Improve Its Decima Engine Even More

Guerilla Games is Working to 'Ambitiously Improve' its Decima Engine

Abdullah Waseem
Abdullah Waseem
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  • Guerilla is improving its engine
  • Decima engine is already great
  • Future Guerilla titles to likely stick with Decima engine

Horizon: Forbidden West and the recent DLC have undoubtedly been the pinnacle of proprietary game engines. Guerilla Games is one of those studios that despite the release of Unreal Engine 5 has stuck with its own Decima Engine. The engine has delivered some of the best graphics and performance we’ve seen in a while and it seems Guerilla is looking to improve it even further.

Guerilla Games’ Decima Engine is Being ‘Ambitiously Improved’

As spotted by Benji-Sales. Guerilla Games’ Technical Director, Michiel van der Leeuw recently posted a few job vacancies looking to improve their Decima engine even further.

Accoridng to Michiel:

It’s time for a change. After more than three years of wearing two hats at work, it’s time to go back to one. We’ve crafted a studio roadmap and future direction for our Decima engine so ambitious, that combining both is more than one day job. So, I’ll be focusing my attention to our ambitious future plans for our own Decima engine.

This prospect is really exciting as it means Guerilla Games will be using their Decima Engine for future titles as well. For an engine that’s already peaked in many aspects, what more improvements can the studio make would surely be interesting. It also presents a great opportunity to ask other studios to build their titles on the Decima Engine.

Also, we might see the implementation sooner than expected as well. We know for a fact that Guerilla is working on a multiplayer Horizon project though not officially announced. While it’s most definitely quite far at this point, the studio has also confirmed a new Horizon title is in development.

When you see an industry full of proprietary engines not living up to expectations, engines like Horizon’s, Forza’s, and Resident Evil’s are surely a breath of fresh air. And we really hope the studios can continue to improve upon them.

What are your thoughts on Guerilla Games improving its engine? Let us know in the comments down below.

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