Gundam Evolution Season 3 Is Underway, Adds Hyperion Gundam, And New Content

Gundam Evolution Season 3 Adds Hyperion Gundam and Fresh Content

Abdullah Waseem
Abdullah Waseem
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  • Gundam Evolution season 3 is underway
  • Adds Hyperion Gundam and 2 more suits
  • Will continue till April 5

Gundam Evolution is Bandai Namco’s online FPS game based on the Gundam Anime. The title was released in September 2022 and is currently entering Season 3. Bandai Namco in their recent press release has detailed stuff being added in the new season along with Hyperion Gundam.

Gundam Evolution Season 3 Details

The new season titled ‘DEFENSER’ begins on February 1 until the start of maintenance on April 5. However, the dates can be subject to change. The biggest highlight is the addition of a new playable unit called Hyperion Gundam. According to the official page:

A unit that excels at maintaining the front line and controlling area with its shield and barrier, all while waiting to break through enemies with its Armure Lumiere Lancer.

Hyperion Gundam features

Additionally, Bandai Namco has also launched a brand new trailer to celebrate season 3:

Even more new content is being added to the game including 2 more mobile suits. This will start with the Hyperion Gundam, for a total of 3 suits which will be added at monthly intervals. There will be an official merging of Europe and North American matchmaking areas. A new unit pack for Hyperion Gundam will be released along with the renewal of the supply pods.

A new balance patch will be implemented for various units and the matchmaking mechanism. There will be a bunch of new updates called “HYPER UPDATE’. These will begin with Season 3 and span over the next three months. Various events will be held during these months too which will grant users MP and Supply Pod Tickets. Season 3 is now live so you can jump right into the Gundam Evolution.

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