Halo Infinite Forge: Release Date, and All We Know

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Andreas Ojala
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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that Halo Infinite isn’t in the best shape right now. However, this might change soon, thanks to Halo Infinite’s Forge finally getting released.

But what is it exactly, and what will it offer? Continue reading to find out.

What Is Halo Infinite Forge?

To keep everyone on the same page, I’m briefly explaining what Forge is for those who have just gotten into Halo. Simply put, it’s a creation tool for Halo players to make brand new content. That can include new game modes, maps, equipment, and more. 

It has been an essential feature of this game since its inception. And when we check out the features of this forge version, we can safely say – It’s never been better!

When Will Halo Infinite Forge Release?

In the September Dev Update, 343 confirmed that Halo Infinite Forge would be a part of the Halo Infinite Winter Update, which will be released on November 8th. However, due to the complexity of this feature, Forge might be delayed.

However, when it releases, it will be in the beta version. That means Forge will be updated for some time, including in Season 3.

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How Can You Join the Halo Infinite Forge Beta?

While many people were able to try out Halo Infinite Forge earlier, it’s not possible anymore. This is because during August, you were able to access it through the Campaign Co-Op Test Flight, by modifying your game.

However, since the Test Flight is over, you cannot try it anymore. So now, all you can do is wait for the Winter Update. Fortunately, the wait is almost over as the new update will coming out in less than a month!

11 Halo Infinite Forge Confirmed Features

So why am I so optimistic about Halo Infinite’s Forge? Well, that’s because of the fantastic features that it comes with. Here are just the seven best:


Powerful Scripting Language

Halo infinite Forge - Scripting

That is the best feature of Infinite’s Forge by far. To put it simply, it’s a tool that lets you code new features in a visual manner. So if you’re familiar with Unity’s visual scripting language or Unreal Engine’s Blueprint, then you’ll feel at home.

But what makes Forge’s scripting language is how many things you can do with it. You’re not limited to a couple of features! Instead, you can create Halo into a different game, just like with Minecraft and Roblox. More on that later.

But if you’d like to learn more about scripting language, you can check out Halo’s official Forge Fundamentals video.


Bot Scripting

Another feature coming to Halo Infinite Forge is the ability to script how bots work. You can change the navmesh and tell them where they can jump and go. That helps make the bots work better on your Forge Creation but could also be used to do some initial tests without having to call your friends.

If you want to learn more about it, I highly suggest you watch their Forge Fundamentals video.


Forge Canvases

Another thing that is confirmed to be coming to Halo Infinite Forge is canvases. Think of these as your starting ground, where you can build on your unique forge maps. So instead of having to edit an existing one, you can start from scratch.

And according to datamines, we’ll be getting a total of 11 to the game, including a blank one. However, don’t expect to have all of them come out day one.


Weather Effects

Halo infinite Forge - Weather Effects

From what we’ve seen from Halo Infinite’s Forge, you can currently only create new maps within existing ones. However, that doesn’t mean the lighting and atmosphere must look the same.

That’s because Halo Infinite Forge allows you to change the weather and the time of day. You could change the time of day, make the map foggier, or even go from sunny weather to rainy one.


Visual Effects

Halo infinite Forge - Visual FX

But the effects don’t stop there. Additionally to giving you the option to control the weather and time, you can also add other visual effects to your game. Most of them are particle systems like smoke, fire, and more.

However, adding to that, you can also add sun rays, blinking lights, and much more.


Terrain Manipulation

Halo infinite Forge - Terrain Manipulation

Apart from adding new objects to the world, you can also change how the terrain looks. For example, you could add new mountains and fields to your game world, which helps makes your map look way different from the original one.


Tons of Objects to Choose From

Halo Infinite Forge would be boring if all you could do were add some visual effects and change up the weather. Instead, in every other game, you can add new objects to your game to make the maps look unique.

However, Halo Infinite takes it to a whole new level! That’s because you can modify them to your liking. For example, you can scale your objects, stretch them, and change their materials and colours. You could even change the colours of the vehicles.


Flattening Feature

One of the new features introduced in the first part of Forge Fundamentals was the flattening feature. With it, you can flatten any object to get the texture and use it somewhere else. For example, this user used it to add more texture to the walls for his project.

And if you’d like to learn more about map building, you can check out the Forge Fundamentals video.


File Share Overhaul

Halo infinite Forge - File Share Overhaul

In Halo Infinite, the “Community” tab is where you can share your custom games with friends and other players. However, sometimes it doesn’t work, and there isn’t much to share.

However, that will all change once Halo Infinite Forge gets released! That’s because the “Community” tab will have much more. Here are some changes coming:

  • New Tabs – Multiple new tabs are coming, making it easier for people to discover other players’ creations. For example, in the recommended tab, you can see 343’s favourite, in the popular tab, the most downloaded files, and more.
  • Contribution Tags – If you’re building a new Forge creation with a friend, you can share the spotlight. That’s because the new file share lets you tag a player who contributed to creating it.
  • Presets – To help boost each other’s forge creations, people can now start uploading presets to the community tab. That way, others can implement some features to their maps without having to work on them, making it quicker to build new Forge Creations.

Then there will also be the most popular tab, which helps you find the most popular Forge creations.


Weapon Combining

Halo Infinite’s weapons are pretty good! Each one feels unique and powerful in its own way. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot have fun in Forge and change them. From the videos, we’ve seen players can create many variations of existing weapons.

For example, you could make an assualt rifle shoot rockets instead of the usual bullets. The choice is yours!


Build Options

Game developers need to build parts of their maps like Lighting to make their maps look good and run as well as possible. And that you can do with Halo Infinite Forge as well. When the Forge releases, you’ll be able to build the following:

  • Lighting
  • Nav Mesh
  • Audio
  • And Reflection Models

7 Creations Made With Halo Infinite Forge

While Halo Infinite Forge isn’t out yet, there are already many creations made by the community! Thanks to dataminers such as Surasia, people were able to access the pre-beta version of Halo Infinite Forge when the test flight of Halo Infinite’s Co-Op Campaign was active. And that has led them to start creating various creations.

And they are pretty impressive! Here are just seven of them:


The Pit Remake

During the Orlando Major HCS, we had a small 1-hour event called “Throwback Throwdown.” During the event, we saw one of the Forge Council member projects, which was a remake of Halo 3’s Pit.

While visually, it looks completely different, it’s a faithful remake as its layout is primarily intact apart from some things such as the weapon placement and more to make it play well in Halo Infinite.

The Pit is told to be coming to matchmaking closely after the release of the Winter Update.


Competitive Farming Simulator

Credit: Derrick Creates

That just shows the power of the Halo Infinite Forge Scripting. Halo doesn’t have anything to do with farming, as it’s an FPS game. However, thanks to Forge, you can plant and grow plants.

It goes to show that you can do anything, and that’s just the beginning.


Portal in Halo

Credit: zMods

Portal is a puzzle series that is loved by many! And shortly, you can start playing it again, but this time on infinite. From the video, you can see that the creator was able to spawn both portals and move a crate through the portals.


Overgrown Bazaar

Credit: Infinite Forges

You don’t need much to change the maps up. In this video, you can see how Infinite Forges was able to change one of the maps, “Bazaar”, into something entirely different from the original one.

And as you can see, the creator did a fantastic job as it looks like a 343 developer did it.


Warlock Remake

Credit: UneeQ

Warlock is a beloved map first seen in Halo: Combat Evolved. And while Halo Infinite doesn’t have one, Warlock will now be finally coming back, thanks to the power of Halo Infinite Forge. And that’s not the only classic map remake.


Star Wars Endor Scene

Credit: DanBrindleyArt

While it might not really be a map to play on, The Endor Scene shows how much creative power the community has with the Forge! And when looking at the video, you can see how accurately they replicated it.

You could’ve thought this was a new Star Wars FPS for a second!


Forge At Its Limit

Credit: Ducain23

Seeing all these features, you might think that the Forge maps will be extremely laggy. Well, this Forge creator shows that there’s nothing to worry about! In this 9-minute video, he has put the Forge to its limit by adding thousands of objects and effects.

So how much FPS did he lose? Well, he didn’t go below 40 frames! Now, to be fair, his PC was a high-end one, but it shows how well Forge is optimized.

And all of that is just the beginning! There’s much more that has been already done, such as race maps, jump maps, call of duty zombie mechanics, and so much more!


So as you can see, we don’t have to wait too long to play with Forge. If everything goes to plan, we can get our first taste next month, and that might just be the first step to Halo Infinite’s revival!

So what creations are you going to make with Halo Infinite Forge? Let me know! For instance, I have an idea of how to change the High Power map! 

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