Hideki Kamiya Confirms Bayonetta 4 Is In The Works

The PlatinumGames VP confirmed that the fourth game in the series is in the works and will be an ''unexpected development'' to everyone.

Samam Hasan
Samam Hasan
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Bayonetta 3
  • Bayonetta 3 was released in October this year
  • No sequel to the game has been officially confirmed
  • Reaction to the game has been positive from fans and critics

Hideki Kamiya has confirmed that Bayonetta 4 is in the works and that the story will be an ”unexpected development”. The PlatinumGames VP inadvertently confirmed the fourth game in the series when responding to a tweet. The tweet was aimed at the ending of Bayonetta 3 which some fans felt confused about.

Kamiya understood that the ending of Bayonetta 3 was not properly conveyed to the fans and as such, they felt confused. After mentioning that, he then says that Bayonetta 4 would be more of an ”unexpected development” to everyone. Here Kamiya is seemingly talking about the story rather than the actual development process of the game. He also added that he didn’t want fans to accuse him of changing the story unexpectedly since it was already implied in Bayonetta 3.

I think Bayo 4 will be an unexpected development for everyone. After all, when Bayo 4 comes out, I’m sure there will be people who say, “You added that as an afterthought,” so I’ll say it now.

Hideki Kamiya on Twitter

With Bayonetta 3 recently released and having positive reception from both and critics is not unlikely that PlatinumGames has been aiming towards a sequel. The ending of Bayonetta 3 implied multiple possibilities in which future games can go. So, it is not unexpected that Bayonetta 4 will be the first in this regard.

Bayonetta 4: When Will It Release?

With Bayonetta 3 just releasing in December it is highly unlikely that the Bayonetta 4 will release soon. At least the game is unlikely to appear in the next two or three years. The release gap between the first and second Bayonetta is five years. In addition to that, the gap between the second and third is eight years. So, it is not unlikely that the game would be released towards the end of the decade at the latest.

Other than the confirmation of the game’s presence by Hideki Kamiya, there isn’t any more official news regarding it. But, fans will no doubt wait for the next chapter in the Bayonetta series.

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