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Abdullah Waseem
Abdullah Waseem
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We know that Hideo Kojima has been working on a couple of projects. Project Overdose is something Kojima conformed himself to be in development. The other title isn’t confirmed but leaks and rumors point to a possible Death Stranding sequel. Kojima has also been teasing a picture on his Twitter with some cryptic messages. Today the picture was revealed to be actress Elle Fanning, who has starred in movies Super 8, Maleficent, and others. And now, she will star in Kojima’s next project.

Elle Fanning will Star in Hideo Kojima’s New Project

After a few hidden images, Geoff Keighley finally revealed the picture of Elle Fanning welcoming her in the ‘Kojimaverse’. Now in a very recent Tweet, Kojima has also teased another actress making her way to the new game titling ‘Who is WHERE’. The actress’s face silhouette seems very reminiscent of Margaret Qualley, who played Mama in the original Death Stranding.

Another curious thing about both pictures is the logo at the bottom. Beneath the words, both pictures have a similar logo that looks like that of Central Knot City. The city was of course one of the main settings for Death Stranding.

Central Knot City Logo

Also, Death Stranding 2 is all but confirmed. Norman Reedus the actor who plays the protagonist in the original pretty much confirmed it. Dusk Gollum also said in a ResetERA forum:

Death Stranding 2 is in development (and for some insiders to know I’m not bullshitting about this in the future, its internal codename is Ocean), but Kojima has had a long standing deal with Sony on this, which is being analyzed if Sony and Kojima Productions should renew their contracts after DS2 or not at present, but was never in question before this due to a multi-game contract Sony and Kojima Productions have.

But Death Stranding 2 itself was always plotted to be with Sony. I’m not going to say a single actual thing about the game itself, not now or in the future, so don’t ask even if people figure out later I’m 100% telling the truth about the codename and contract stuff. But any murmurs about a DS2 with anyone other than Sony is bullshit.‘ (Dusk Gollum via Insider Gaming)

We know Kojima is working on Project Overdose as well which is the supposed live service title that is being worked on for 2 years. But considering all things, a Death Stranding sequel could be more likely with these teases.

What are your thoughts on Elle Fanning starring in the next Hideo Kojima title? Let us know in the comments down below.

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