Hideo Kojima’s New Game Casts Shioli Kutsuna

Abdullah Waseem
Abdullah Waseem
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We have been hearing about a new Hideo Kojima title for quite some time now. Though it still isn’t clear what it will be, Kojima has been dropping subtle hints. Previously it was revealed that Elle Fanning has joined the game and now we have a new actress.

Shioli Kutsuna Joins New Kojima Game

Insider Gaming spotted a picture of actress Shioli Kutsuna on Kojima production’s official website. The image like the previous one has a new caption on it ‘Where am I?’ and then the screen shifts and says ‘How come?’

shioli kutsuna in new kojima game
Shioli Kutsuna joins new Kojima game

Though Kutsuna hasn’t worked much in mainstream Hollywood, we caught a glimpse of her character in 2018’s Deadpool 2 as Yukio from X-Men. She’s also the winner of the Japanese academy award for newcomer of the year. So it’s safe to say the new Kojima game is building quite a cast.

New Kojima Title Could be Death Stranding 2

It was revealed by Insider Gaming through Dusk Golem a little while ago that Death Stranding 2 has been in development for quite some time now. And it’s going by the name of ‘Project Ocean’. Also, Norman Reedus who plays the protagonist Sam Porter Bridges seemingly leaked the title himself earlier.

More cryptic Tweets were dropped by Kojima too, where one silhouette resembled Margaret Qualley, who played Mama in the last game. Elle Fanning was confirmed to be a part of the project too. But the most curious thing has been the logos that keep on appearing in the pictures. They seem to resemble very closely to Capital Knot City which was a vital setting of Death Stranding.

Knot city logo from Death Stranding
Capital Knot City Logo

A very recent Tweet from Kojima also seems to feature a similar logo with the caption ‘From “Where” to “How”‘. All in all, everything seems to point toward a Death Stranding sequel that we know is in the cards and the announcement is probable at The Game Awards on December 8th, 2022.

Of course, there is another horror Kojima game ‘Project Overdose’ in development. But it seems unlikely the current casting is for that. So, let’s wait and see what Kojima has up his sleeve this time.

What are your opinions on Shioli Kutsuna joining the new Kojima game? Let us know in the comments down below.

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