Hitman 3 Freelancer Mode Release Date Announced

Abdullah Waseem
Abdullah Waseem
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Hitman 3 Freelancer Mode

IO Interactive’s action stealth game series Hitman is considered to be one the best in the genre. The latest edition of Hitman 3 came out last year as a sequel to Hitman 2. It was the eighth edition in the series and the final of the World of Assassination trilogy. IO announced that they intend to keep adding content to the game in Hitman 3 – Year 2 report. We already got a tropical map in July and after being delayed it seems we are finally close to getting the Hitman 3 Freelancer mode.

Hitman 3 Freelancer Mode

The freelancer mode was slated for a spring 2022 release but it was then delayed to an undisclosed release date. Today we finally have the exact release date of the game thanks to a recent press release by IO Interactive.

The developers have stated that the mode is almost complete though it does need a little more time. But they will be starting closed testing for the mode next month. Early, next month, IO will be selectively inviting players on Steam to experience the Freelancer mode. They further stated:

The Closed Technical Test is all about putting our servers under stress to prepare for launch. We also want to get an early idea of player behaviour and do some economy / XP balancing in a real-life scenario on a big scale. These are the final checkboxes we need to tick off before we launch.

Hitman 3 testing
Hitman 3 Freelancer Mode Closed Testing

All the locations from the entire World of Assassination trilogy will be included in the game from the first day. IO also insist that they’ve been working really hard and want to make the launch as smooth as possible. This is very understandable as games without their final forms could be a disaster in disguise.

More about the New Mode

Hitman 3 Freelancers Mode will be a single-player mode that will introduce rogue-like elements to the game. Agent 47 will target the bosses of each criminal organization in the Freelancer mode campaigns, and players may decide which missions to play first. Players will receive payment for finishing the campaign once they have taken out the boss of the company.

Additionally, campaign tasks have been revised for Freelancer mode, including new NPCs that can advance Agent 47 or obstruct it. Safes, hidden caches, and even NPC assassins are some of the other brand-new additions. There will also be a customizable safe-house where players would be able to store weapons and outfits before heading out on a mission.

IO Interactive will launch more information about the closed testing on October 27. For now, the release date has been set for January 26, 2023, and it will be free for all Hitman 3 owners. You can play the game on PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Stadia, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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