Hogwarts Legacy Voice Cast Revealed

Hogwarts Legacy voice cast announced, features Simon Pegg as Headmaster

Abdullah Waseem
Abdullah Waseem
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  • Hogwarts Legacy voice cast revealed
  • Simon Pegg as Phineas Nigellus Black
  • Casts movies actor Luke Youngblood

Hogwarts Legacy seems to be the Harry Potter game that we have always wished for. With the game just a month away, the voice-acting cast has been revealed. And joining the cast is none other than the famous actor Simon Pegg. He will be playing the Headmaster of Hogwarts of that era, Phineas Nigellus Black. A list of the rest of the cast has also been revealed.

The Cast

Warner Bros. and Portkey Games announced Simon Pegg as Phineas through a trailer. For those of you who don’t remember, Phineas Nigellus Black’s portrait was hung in the Heamaster’s office as mentioned in the Harry Potter books. He was a Slytherin and is the most hated Hogwarts headmaster to date. You can read the full cast below:

  • Simon Pegg as Phineas Nigellus Black – Headmaster of Hogwarts
  • Sebastian Croft as the male playable character
  • Amelia Gething as the female playable character
  • Lesley Nicol as Professor Matilda Weasley – Deputy Headmistress of Hogwarts 
  • Kandace Caine as Professor Onai – The Professor of Divination
  • Sohm Kapila as Professor Satyavati Shah – The professor of Astronomy
  • Luke Youngblood as Everett Clopton – Played Lee Jordan in the movies, A Ravenclaw rule-breaking prankster student
  • Asif Ali as Mahendra Pehlwaan – A muggle-born Ravenclaw student
  • Jason Anthony as Nearly Headless Nick and the Sorting Hat
  • Jim Dale as the Narrator in Hogwarts Legacy promotional trailers
Phineas Nigellus Black voiced by Simon Pegg
Phineas Nigellus Black voiced by Simon Pegg

Fans will be thrilled to see Luke Youngblood also amongst the cast. Youngblood played Lee Jordan in the movies. He aided Fred and George Weasley in their mischiefs at Hogwarts and will be playing a similar character in Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy Release Date and Platforms

Hogwarts Legacy is just a month away and will initially release on February 10, 2023. The initial release will be for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam. The PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch release will be 5 months later on July 25. You can currently pre-order the title and gain early access to the title on the current-gen hardware release.

Are you excited about Hogwarts Legacy? What do you think of the voice cast? Let us know in the comments down below.

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