Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores Set For Release On April 19

The Release Date Was Announced Recently By Guerilla Games.

Samam Hasan
Samam Hasan
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  • Burning Shores DLC announced back in December 2022
  • Exclusive to the PS5
  • Post-apocalyptic Los Angeles is the main location

Guerilla Games has recently announced that the Burning Shores expansion of Horizon: Forbidden West is set for release on April 19. The developer took to Twitter to announce the release date with a one-minute trailer and also mentioned that pre-orders are now live. The trailer showcased the combat and the types of robot enemies Aloy will face in the game.

The Burning Shores expansion was first announced back in December of last year. The expansion isn’t unlikely as Horizon Zero Dawn also had the Frozen Wilds expansion. Like the Frozen Wilds expansion, Burning Shores will take place in a new area in the form of post-apocalyptic Los Angeles. The Burning Shores refer to a volcanic archipelago formed from the ruins of Los Angeles. The city can be explored fully through the water or from the back of a Sunwing.

The expansion will feature new characters, skills, and activities for players to embark on after the story of Forbidden West. For players to access the expansion, they must reach a certain part of the main story after which they can start playing it.

A key thing to note is that the expansion is available exclusively on the PlayStation 5. As such, PlayStation 4 players will be unable to play it. Guerilla Games has said the PS5 exclusive decision was necessary to make it an amazing experience. So, it’s no doubt that the expansion will fully utilize the power of the PlayStation 5.

Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores Release Date

The Burning Shores expansion for Horizon Forbidden West will release on April 19 exclusively on the PlayStation 5.

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