Horizon Forbidden West DLC Announcement Could be Coming Soon

The Horizon Forbidden West DLC official announcement could be happening soon

Abdullah Waseem
Abdullah Waseem
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  • Horizon Forbidden West DLC could be announced soon
  • Expected to be called 'Burning Shores'
  • Takes place towards the South

Horizon Forbidden West’s DLC has been rumored for quite some time now. Lance Reddick, who plays Sylens in the series confirmed he was doing motion capture for Horizon Forbidden West and later deleted the Tweet. Hence, confirming the sequel’s DLC. Today, a reliable industry insider has further sealed the deal and hinted at an announcement soon.

Horzion Forbidden West DLC

Famous leaker The Snitch has teased yet another announcement that could be coming soon. Continuing their tradition of dropping cryptic Tweets, Snitch revealed a picture of San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles inside a shape that is very reminiscent of Aloy’s focus device.

Insider Gaming has claimed that the Horizon Forbidden West DLC reportedly titled ‘Burning Shores’ will take place in these locations. In Horizon Forbidden West, The Burning Shores is alluded to by name a few times. It is described as being south of the Spinebreak in Gildun’s diary, and Brin refers to it as the “Place of flames and brine.”

Also, another hint that indicates a nod toward the upcoming DLC is that when you try to explore the South in the main game, the area is inaccessible. As the mentioned places are towards the South, they’re most probably going to make them accessible through the expansion.

While we know for a fact that the DLC is coming, there hasn’t been an official confirmation yet. Insider Gaming states that the expansion ‘Burning Shores’ will release in April 2023. We are anticip[ationg that the official confirmation will come at The Game Awards happening in a couple of days.

Horizon Forbidden West came out in February 2023. The game has seen massive success with it being nominated for 7 awards at TGA 2022. A VR spinoff titled ‘Horizon Call of the Mountain‘ is also in the works exclusively for The PlayStation VR2. Additionally, a Horizon Zero Dawn TV series has also been announced. With the DLC also coming in a few months, Guerrilla Games’ Horizon series is thriving. And we expect more of the same in the future.

Do you think the official announcement for Horizon Forbidden West DLC is coming at The Game Awards? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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