How to Beat Donna Beneviento in Resident Evil 8 Village

Enzo Zalamea
Enzo Zalamea
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After escaping from the giant fetus, you will still need to deal with all dolls Donna has at her disposal. While you still do not have your items back, this fight will just be a cat and mouse between you and Donna Beneviento. To know how to beat Donna Beneviento in Resident Evil 8 Village, you only need to capture Donna Beneviento three times.

Progressing to Donna Beneviento

House Beneviento Fight Cutscene

For a brief recap, you have escaped the giant fetus chasing you. All of your items have been stripped away, and there are no resources other than key items that you can bring out from this area.

After fixing the fuse and fixing the elevator, you will find yourself back at the entrance of House Beneviento. You will be greeted by Donna Beneviento by attacking you with all of her dolls in the room. After the cutscene, all the dolls will scatter around the area and you will have to find Donna three times.

All the Locations for Donna Beneviento

Doll – First Location

Donna Beneviento First Location

As the fight with Donna Beneviento begins, all the dolls will be twitching to put some sort of psychological fear to the player. Try to ignore all of that and proceed to the stairs going up the second floor. Turn right and follow the path until you reach the bedroom.

Donna Beneviento will be seen with a white dress in front of the drawers on the ground. Interact with her and it will trigger a cutscene of you stabbing her with your scissors.

Doll – Second Location

Donna Beneviento Second Location

The second part of the cat and mouse game will be back on the first floor. Proceed back the stairs and go to the living room. Find the couch and she will be on the floor near the corner. Interact with her again and another cutscene will happen.

Doll – Third Location

Donna Beneviento Third Location

At this point, your screen will start to go red but do not worry about it. Just proceed back to the elevator where you originally came from. You will find her last spot her and the final cutscene of the fight will trigger.

If you still get lost around the area, there are clues you can find to locate her more easily. There are bloodstains on the wall to show that you are on the right path.

Donna Beneviento's Death

After defeating Donna Beneviento, you will be able to get her treasure, Rose’s flask, and the Winged Key upgrade. You will now be able to unlock more areas within the village and you can get more ammo once you get out of House Beneviento. The next step will be beating Moreau and grabbing the third flask so at least you have saved up resources during this part of the story.

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