How to Beat Lady Dimitrescu in Resident Evil 8 Village

Enzo Zalamea
Enzo Zalamea
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Lady Dimitrescu is probably the most popular character (for all the wrong reasons, I should say) in Resident Evil Village. She is also the first boss you will encounter and it also shines the light on the story of whatever is happening inside the village.

All the encounters you had with her daughters are not really boss fights as they all fall easily. Once you progress through Castle Dimitrescu, you will have to fight and beat Lady Dimitrescu in Resident Evil 8.

Progressing to the Lady Dimitrescu Fight

Lady Dimitrescu's True Form

For a quick summary, you have to get the 4 angel masks which are all placed on their respective statues. You already have the F2 Rifle, the M1987 Shotgun, and the LEMI pistol ready to be used for the fight. Her daughters should already be taken care of as well.

After placing the 4 angel masks, a passage will open (where the clue is given). Head up towards it and follow the path. It will lead to a chapel where there is a coffin straight ahead.

Open the coffin and it will trigger a cutscene. This will be the beginning of the fight against Lady Dimitrescu.

Fight Strategy Against Lady Dimitrescu

This fight is one of the easiest bosses in the series. Lady Dimitrescu transforms into some sort of demon dragon with her taking the reins after getting stabbed during the cutscene. The weak point is aiming for her instead of the dragon so that will be your main target.

The fight starts on the staircase leading up the pillar on top of Castle Dimitrescu. You will start with no way to retreat back so you have to keep hitting Lady Dimitrescu up the stairs and stagger her (so you do not get hit at the start). Do not shoot the dragon (although it does damage, it is still more effective to hit Lady Dimitrescu).

When going up the staircase, you will see some ammo to help you during the battle. You have a tiny square you can maneuver around and all her attacks are easy to dodge.

During the fight, she will land down to the small pillar you are circling around on and you will hear the dragon roar. It takes around 2-3 seconds before the dragon charges horizontally which gives you time to position away from it.

If you hold down the left analog stick and press circle (or B), it performs a quick turn. On the PC, it is just “Q”. Use this when fighting she has landed on the pillar. It makes things easier to run back and dodge.

If you hold the angles (corners) more tightly, you can bait the attack and back up once she charges. After the charge, unload on her until she flies back to the air. Switch to your F12 Rifle and snipe her from afar. You can wait until she stays put and summons bats around her which looks like she is preparing for an attack.

Landing 2 shots with the F12 Rifle will stagger her and cause her to attack you by landing on the pillar again. Rinse and repeat. This will just take a minute or two depending on your difficulty. After doing enough damage, it will trigger a cutscene where Lady Dimitrescu destroys the pillar in the middle. Climb up the stairs and shoot her while you can.

Upon reaching the top, you will find more ammo and she will attack you again. She will also be on her last legs from here on out so just unload everything on her until she dies. Once you see her screech with a ton of blood spraying out, she is already defeated so do not waste any more ammo after this.

First Step Towards Saving Rose

After beating Lady Dimitrescu, you will now head back to the village where you fought all the Lycans and met all those people in Luiza’s house. You will get a lot of resources back including the ones that you have missed. You will also encounter more enemies along the way.

The next part will be in House Beneviento and you will not need any ammo for beating Donna Beneviento as you will be in for a surprise.

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