How to Beat Moreau in Resident Evil 8 Village

Enzo Zalamea
Enzo Zalamea
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Fighting and beating Moreau is just as easy as beating Lady Dimitrescu. There is only one attack you should watch out for that could easily kill you. This guide will teach you the best strategy on how to beat Moreau in Resident Evil 8 Village.

Progressing to the Moreau Fight

First encounter - Moreau fight

For a short recap, you will find Moreau in the Reservoir after beating Donna Beneviento. Once you enter the Reservoir, you will learn about Moreau’s position in the grand scheme of things. You have already drained the water to flush him out of his territory and ultimately lead to a fight in the middle of the Reservoir.

Fight Strategy Against Moreau

Sniping Moreau

Moreau transforms into a frog-like monster after chasing you underwater. His weak spot is the same as Lady Dimitrescu where you find the “human figure” in their transformation. In Moreau’s case, it is inside the mouth of the frog which occasionally comes out.

There are a ton of resources such as mines, ammos, and bombs in the maze-like boss area. You will also see some explosive barrels that you can shoot when he comes near the vicinity.

Seeing as Moreau is incredibly slow, you can easily bait him to run towards the explosive barrels, and shoot it. This will stun Moreau and expose his weak spot on the mouth. Shoot it with everything you have until he recovers. I suggest switching weapons with every shot as the rate of fire is quite slow on the shotgun and the sniper rifle.

Moreau's acid rain attack

Rinse and repeat this process. Once you deal enough damage, Moreau will jump towards an abandoned house and rain acid all over the area. The only way to dodge this is by hiding under shelter. Most of these areas have yellow tape near them which can help you find them easily. In other cases, most of the areas that you found resources in will have a shelter on them.

During his acid rain attack, there will be mucus walls that spawn around the area. This might cut you off from hiding so you can equip your grenade launcher and shoot it with an explosive round immediately. Personally, during my fight, this has never happened but if it does, it could definitely kill you right on the spot if you do not find cover fast enough.

Use explosives to stagger and beat Moreau

Moreau Fight

The best tip you can do during the fight is to keep using explosives to expose his weak spots. While there are explosive barrels around the area, you can also use your mines, grenade launcher, and pipe bombs. This will be a faster method of dealing with Moreau as you can shoot his exposed area more often.

During my battle with Moreau, I still shoot him without his weak spot exposed. It still does damage and it could be a good idea to do it when he is using the acid rain attack. He is a sitting duck with the sniper rifle and you can unload on him for more than 5 seconds during this time.

Moreau's Death

A cutscene will trigger once you have defeated Moreau. This will end the Reservoir area but make sure to grab the Magnum weapon in the Reservoir after defeating him. It is near the first save point where you need to use a Crank to open the path on the side. It is also marked on the map as a treasure location so it is hard to miss.

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