How To Check Valorant Hours Played

Arqam Cheema
Arqam Cheema
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Gamers love when people appreciate their efforts and investment of time in a particular game…

The overall value of a gaming account is based on the hours played. Right?

This is why almost every Valorant player is desperate on how to check Valorant hours so they can brag it in front of fellow gamers.

However, unlike Steam, Riot Games does not offer an in-built tracker that can share the Valorant hours played.


Due to its massive demand, many external companies have stepped forward and offered this feature to the Valorant players.

The Top Valorant Hours Tracking Platforms

Lately, “Valorant Hours Played” became a common query among Valorant users. That even players started to ask it on “ASK Valorant” forum.

We want players to have ways to show off their investment in VALORANT whether that’s their ability to climb the ladder or to showcase how long they’ve been playing. We’re still exploring the most exciting way to do so but rest assured there will be ways to display your dedication in the future.” – Miles Metzger broke the silence.

Till this update drops, here are some of the top external preferences:

Platform#1: homepage

To check your Valorant hours played, please follow the 2-simple steps given below:

  1. Visit, and on the homepage, search for your Valorant ID

Note: Before searching for your ID, make sure it is set to public.

2. Then Sign in with Riot, and detailed stats will appear along with your hours played


Blitz homepage

Compared to and other basic platforms, offers a lot more than just hours played stats. acts more like a one-stop solution for Valorant players. It offers detailed guides, strategies, counters, game analysis, and much more.

It also offers a desktop app to download and integrate your Riot ID with it. It helps you get your Valorant hours played and your lifetime matching-making history, agent picks, and a lot more.

Platform#3: DAK.GG homepage

DAK is a super popular gaming platform that offers various services to its users, including esports match viewing, gaming stats, and a lot more.

It also shares the overall leaderboard stats, so you can also keep track of your overall performance.


The above-shared options are the best in the market so far, which not only tells you about the Valorant hours played but shares much other useful information.

Usage of each platform is super simple, and hopefully, their shared stat will help you grow your skills even further.

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