How to Escape the Giant Fetus in Resident Evil 8 Village

Enzo Zalamea
Enzo Zalamea
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Once you have your first encounter with the giant fetus, all you want now is how to escape it and get this part over. This is one of Resident Evil 8’s scariest moments which is from the House Beneviento area. While everything seems to be straightforward, the tension rises more and more as you progress through the area.

This guide will contain a step-by-step walkthrough of the area that will help alleviate all that stress and finish this stage smoothly.

House Beneviento Guide and Walkthrough

House Beneviento Map Layout

After proceeding to the house of Beneviento and dropping the Family Photo, the path is linear. This is kind of Capcom’s take on the popular PT demo that never came to fruition. During the first part of the area, the giant fetus will not be chasing you right away. There will be a trigger that activates it when you reach a certain point. It will be pointed out within the walkthrough.

Proceed normally until you find a safe room with a Mia doll on the table. Examine all the parts of the Mia doll to grab all the clues. Her right shoulder will contain the Silver key and her left leg will contain the Winding Key. Examine her had as well and grab the Blood Covered Ring.

Opening the combination lock

There are three combination locks in the game and the code here is different from the first combination lock you encountered in the game.

Proceed to the room on the right by using the Silver Key. Interact with the sink and use the Blood Covered Ring to wash the blood away. Examine the ring again and you will see a combination code “052911”.

Use this code to unlock the door (where you came from) near Mia’s doll. Go down the hallway and you will find an open door on the left. You will find the wedding present (music box) where you can use the Winding Key.

Wedding gift music box puzzle complete

There are scratches on the cylinders where you can match to complete the puzzle. It should look like the picture above. You will be able to get the Tweezers once you finish the puzzle.

Go back to Mia’s doll and open her mouth. Use the Tweezers to get the film inside her mouth. Proceed back to the hallway and go to the film room.

Film room puzzle clue

Interact with the projector and the films and insert the Film you got from Mia’s doll. There is a clue on the table which should be the correct sequence of the film.

Film room puzzle

The correct film sequence would be Bear, Book, Rose, Music Box, and the wedding ring. Play the film and you will find a door open inside the film room. Go inside it and grab the Scissors from one of the dolls. Use it to cut the blocked path and proceed to the hallway that leads you back to the save room.

Brass Medallion key item

Use the Scissors to cut the bandages on Mia’s chest. You will find the Brass Medallion. Proceed to the door inside the safe room where you can place the Brass Medallion. Turn the other pieces with the bird looking right (clue is on the Mia’s eye), and the three closed eye (clue is on Mia’s left elbow).

Follow the passage and this will lead to the film you saw earlier. Go down the well and grab the Breaker Box Key. Proceed back to the save room and start going to the breaker box (next to the elevator).

How to Escape the Giant Fetus – 1st Encounter

Escaping the Giant Fetus by hiding in a closet

Once you proceed to the hallway leading to the breaker box, you will encounter a giant fetus that will chase you. Head back to the room with the sink and hide inside the closet.

Relief of a Child key item

When you have escaped the giant fetus and she goes back, use the other path (where you got the Scissors) and proceed to the breaker box from that path. Open the breaker box and you will find the Relief of a Child key item.

Go back from the same path and place this on the door to open it. Proceed to the hallway and you will find a bedroom with a fuse box. Grab the Fuse and the area will turn darker. You have no choice but to make the area darker because you will need the fuse for the breaker box.

How to Escape the Giant Fetus – 2nd Encounter

Escaping the giant fetus from under the bed

Go back to the hallway and you will find the giant fetus chasing you again. Go back to the bedroom and crawl under the bed. Do not try to hide inside the closet because you will need to maneuver over the giant fetus.

Breaker box with fuse

Crawl out the bed once the giant fetus goes near the closet. Run back to the hallway and proceed to the breaker box to put the Fuse in. Once you put the fuse in, call in the elevator by pushing the button on the side.

The giant fetus will chase you again while waiting for the elevator. Go back to the film room and kite the giant fetus with the table in the middle because the giant fetus might close the gap on you while you wait for the elevator. Proceed back to the elevator and you will have escaped the giant fetus. This will lead to the Donna Beneviento fight.

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