How to Get Bitcoins in Escape From Tarkov

Enzo Zalamea
Enzo Zalamea
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There are a ton of currencies in Escape from Tarkov and Bitcoins are one of the most elusive ones. Its price fluctuates constantly and it is also the best way to get passive income. All the seasoned players rush the game to unlock Bitcoin farming in Escape from Tarkov.

It is the best way to maintain your expensive loadout and gives you access to powerful loadouts. This article will show you how to get Bitcoins in Escape from Tarkov whether it is through Bitcoin farming or looting them off rare loot locations.

What Are Bitcoins?

Bitcoin is basically the game’s 4th currency. Just like in reality, they are farmed the same way through Bitcoin farming. The only difference is that they hold different values in the game.

These Bitcoins are exchanged for in-game currency such as Roubles, Euros, and Dollars. It depends on which dealer you sell the Bitcoin to. They can be farmed innately through your hideout which will be your main and passive income down the road.

For endgame players, they are also used to barter for expensive cases like the THICC Weapon Case. Once you have enough of those, they are sold to the dealers for setting up your PMCs with the best gear money can buy.

How to Set Up Your Bitcoin Farm

Escape from Tarkov Bitcoin Farm

As a new player, you may have noticed a locked “Bitcoin Farming” space in your hideout. This is unlocked further in the game as you improve the facilities in your hideout to compensate for this. The fastest way to upgrade your Bitcoin Farm is by completing tasks from the dealers first.

If you have already noticed, each upgrade from each facility has loyalty level requirements from the dealers. This will bottleneck your progress each time because it will take some serious grinding to increase max loyalty levels from each of the dealers.

Doing tasks from your dealers is the fastest way to get your Bitcoin Farm up and running.

The materials should be easier to get as you can buy them all from the flea market after reaching level 10. Although the money is hard to get to buy these, you should always be maximizing your Scavs if you are low on money. Keep doing loot runs with your Scavs and you might even spawn with a graphics card.

Requirements for the Bitcoin Farm per level

Requirements for the Bitcoin Farm

Bitcoin Farming Level 1

  • CPU Fan x 10
  • Power Supply Unit x 5
  • Powercord x 5
  • Electric Drill x 1
  • Intelligence Center Level 3

Bitcoin Farming Level 2

  • CPU Fan x 15
  • Power Supply Unit x 5
  • Printed Circuit Board x5
  • Phase Control Relay x2
  • Generator Level 3

Bitcoin Farming Level 3

  • CPU Fan x 25
  • Silicone Tube x 10
  • Electric Motor x1
  • Pressure Gauge x2
  • Solar Power Level 1
  • Water Collector Level 3
Escape From Tarkov hideout

The minimum requirements to unlock the first level of Bitcoin Farming would be the following.

  • Security Level 3
  • Medstation Level 3
  • Nutrition Level 3
  • Mechanic Loyalty Level 2
  • Attention Level 3

For the facility upgrades, these are also required.

  • Therapist Loyalty Level 3
  • Skier Loyalty Level 2
  • Jaeger Loyalty Level 2
  • Ragman Loyalty Level 2
  • Health Level 2
  • Vitality Level 3
  • Endurance Level 2
  • Metabolism Level 3

Getting graphics cards for the Bitcoin Farm

After completing all the requirements including the materials needed for the facility upgrades, you will still need to get your hands on a graphics card. You can opt to purchase one from the flea market and the return on investment will likely be a month of playing every day. It also depends on the current Bitcoin prices in the game.

The cheapest way to get graphics cards will be running “hatchet” runs and hope for a good spawn in Interchange. Doing Scav runs on customs can also be a good alternative since the hot area will always be the dorms unless squads spawned near the Administration Gate Exfil.

Escape from Tarkov generator

Once you have your Bitcoin Farm set up, never forget to turn on your generator’s power. Your Bitcoin Farm will not run without your power turned on. Make sure to keep the fuel supply in check or even have it full all the time because you never know when you will be playing again.

Where to Loot Bitcoins

Where to Loot Bitcoins

Aside from getting Bitcoins from the Bitcoin Farm, you can also loot these from caches, Scavs, Shturman’s crate in the woods, jackets, safes, and sports bags. The photo above shows a Bitcoin drop inside a bathroom. This is located in the repair shop of Customs near the administration gate extraction.

There are certain locations in the game where anything can spawn. The best example would be in the map Customs. The locations that could spawn “anything item in the game” is the miracle tree behind the old gas station, the old gas station table, the 3-story dorm couch, and the new gas station side exit (on the floor). Some of these are rumors but it can spawn a bitcoin or something even better like graphics cards.

Bitcoin Farming Rates

Bitcoin Farming Rates

This can be a little controversial because the price of Bitcoin in Escape from Tarkov fluctuates constantly. But the one rule you should always remember is that the first graphics card (GPU) installed will always be the most efficient with regards to ROI (return on investment).

The first piece of GPU will gather you 0.032727272 Bitcoins per hour. The next GPU will only add a fraction of that (0.03417). It will take you 48 installed GPUs to reach 0.1 Bitcoins per hour which is insane considering the prices of GPUs in the game.

You should also consider that fuel to run your generator also costs money because they are quite expensive if you add it all up. Without solar power, it will cost you around 6,000 per hour for the fuel alone. Now, adding GPUs to your farm will definitely be worth it as you can recoup your investment in two months.

If you consider Escape from Tarkov wipes, you might only have 2 months of profits until you start over from scratch. This is why it is controversial because some players might want to just cash in on their looted GPUs which holds the whole Bitcoin Farm pointless in a sense. But with supply and demand, it should be worth it if the prices of the GPUs decrease while the Bitcoin prices rise.

Seasoned players do not like to think about it as much and just go with the flow and rush the max upgrade. To be honest, it does not even matter since you already had the money to spend a ton on GPUs, everything else will be spent for loadouts and stash management anyway.

Is Bitcoin Farming Worth it?

Farming money to get your preferred loadouts can be grueling in Escape from Tarkov. Just one mistake can put all that hard work down the drain. This is why everyone strives to get their Bitcoin farm as fast as possible to get passive income.

It will be hard to farm money to keep the maintenance of your loadouts when trying to fight other PMCs. Even winning a fight against a PMC does not guarantee you great loot that is why hatchet runs became so popular.

With all that information, I would say that it will definitely be worth it if you just love the game and play consistently. I do not even worry about it too much and if I loot a GPU, I rush to the extraction and just put it in my Bitcoin farm without even the thought of selling it.

Overall, Escape from Tarkov Bitcoin farming is different from reality but the concept is the same. Battlestate Games even entertained the idea of mirroring the current Bitcoin price for its in-game price but it was just too volatile.

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