How to Get Bot Lobbies in Fornite?

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Epic Games came out with the bright idea of adding bots to lobbies in Fortnite. With the passage of time, our innovative gaming community always finds a way to exploit a seemingly innocent mechanic and this time was no different.

Initially, it was intended to shorten queue times and also to help new players get the hang of everything without having to deal with the pressure of facing sweaty try-hards.

Before long, people found ways to use bot lobbies to serve a purpose the developers originally did not originally have in mind. Let’s dig a little deeper and find out what the whole fuss is about and in the meantime, we will also tell you how to get bot lobbies in Fortnite.

What are Bot Lobbies in Fornite?

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Bot Lobbies in Fornite refer to matches where every one of your opponents is an AI-controlled bot, not another human being. Full bot lobbies are an easy way to level up your account, gain XP fast, and complete any challenge that would otherwise be a pain with actual human players as your opponents.

Bots are extremely easy to kill. They have reduced reaction times and the building is mediocre, to say the least. You can literally run around with a pistol and not have to worry about a thing. That’s how simple it is to win in bot lobbies.

Bear in mind that a Victory Royale in a bot lobby will not contribute towards your total in-game wins if you had that in mind. Other than that, all of your challenges and battlepass rewards will count even if it was a bot lobby. You can also use them as your practice ground if that’s more your speed.

How to Get Bot Lobbies in Fortnite?

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Getting bot lobbies in Fortnite has worked in the same way, since the time it was discovered. Though people have found other methods that might not give you a full bot lobby but a partial one.

A partial bot lobby will have actual human players as well but the ratio of the bots will still be significantly more than human players. In this section of the article, we will be covering both methods.

Full Bot Lobbies

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Bot Lobbies in Fortnite are one of those mechanics which Epic Games has implemented in order to make the learning curve for new players slightly less steep. New/Level Zero players don’t immediately get matched against everyone else for their first match. Rather, they will be put in a match with all bots so that they can learn and practice before going up against actually skilled opponents.

We will be using or rather exploiting that mechanic to get ourselves some easy dubs all while breezing through daily, weekly, and battle pass challenges. Let’s look at what we have to do.


Before you can get into a bot lobby in Fortnite, you will need to have the following resources at your disposal:

  • Your primary account you want to level up (rank or level doesn’t matter).
  • A secondary level 0 account (0 Wins, 0 XP). You can create a new account on the Epic Games Website.
Epic Games Website

If you have a Steam Deck and want to use it as your secondary device then you are out of luck because Fortnite is not coming to Steam Deck any time soon.


Now that you have got everything, just follow the steps given below:

  • Launch the game on both devices and invite the level 0 account to your lobby.
  • Make the new account the host and start looking for a match.

The match you find will be a bot lobby with 100% bots.

Note: Make sure to quit the match from your new account as soon you get on the battle bus so you can keep using the same tactic again and again.

Partial Bot Lobbies

Now let’s say you don’t want the hassle of a second account. You also don’t mind a few humans in the lobby as well. In that case, this method is for you. Keep in mind that this method doesn’t always work and is a bit of a hit-or-miss.

For this method, you will have to change a few in-game settings before you start looking for a match.

  • First, go to Settings > Game. Scroll down and turn all replays off (as indicated in the image below).
Game Settings
Fortnite Game Settings
  • From there go to Account and Privacy and change all of the highlighted settings to the mentioned option.
Account and Privacy Settings
  • Apply the settings.

Now when you look for a match, there is a good chance that you will be put into a lobby mostly filled with bots. Once again, the result of this method can vary from person to person and in the region, you are playing.

Can You Get Banned For Bot Lobbies in Fornite?

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No, you cannot get banned for bot lobbies in Fortnite.

Bot lobbies have existed for the longest time now and even Epic Games also has acknowledged this tactic.

No incident of anyone getting banned for bot lobbies has been reported yet. It is safe to say that it will not affect your account in any capacity, no matter how many times you use it.

Bot Lobbies are a nice way to level up your account while cheesing through all of the challenges that will earn you rewards. It is safe and people have been using it for a very long time. Be sure to drop a comment down below if you know about any other methods for getting into bot lobbies in Fornite. Be sure to also check more Fortnite Content.

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