How to Get More Ammo in Resident Evil 8 Village

Enzo Zalamea
Enzo Zalamea
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Like all Resident Evil games, ammo scarcity is another layer of fear you need to worry about. This time, you are fighting Lycans and crazy vampires in Resident Evil Village which are tougher than your regular zombies.

Resident Evil 8 provides you with enough ammo (as long as you hit your shots) to blaze through the story but sometimes, it is just not enough. Here is everything you need to know on how to get more ammo in Resident Evil 8 Village.

Looting Ammo Rounds

Shotgun Ammo Loot Location

Ammo can be frequently seen around each of the areas. You have to make sure to check every corner, breakable boxes, drawers, breakable glass, and even the floor. These can also drop from defeating enemies but it is unlikely.

Enemies, such as lycans, often drop materials or Lei (in-game currency) which can also be used to get more ammo from crafting or buying them from the merchant. Valuable ammo (anything that is not handgun ammo) is more scarce but they often appear on locked drawers that need a lockpick to open.

All the item locations are fixed aside from enemies that drop loot. However, the items may vary due to the difficulty you are currently playing on. The higher your difficulty, the more scarce the ammo would be. They even give you less ammo if ever you do find them.

Crafting Ammo With Materials

How to Get More Handgun Ammo

This will be your main method of how to get more ammo in the game. Since you are given a ton of scraps, gunpowders, and fluids, the game heavily encourages you to craft as much as possible. These can be found more frequently throughout the game and you can often find them on the floor or drops from monsters.

In order to be conservative, I highly suggest that you only craft ammo when you are in dire need of them. Some materials, like gunpowder, are also needed to craft different kinds of ammo. If you spend them all on handgun ammo, it might be detrimental later on in the game.

Crafting shotgun ammo can be more beneficial in the end as it takes 5-6 shots to kill a regular enemy with the pistol. You can also take into account your weapon upgrades. Obviously, your most upgraded weapon will be the most “bang for your buck” ammo to craft.

Shotgun Ammo Recipe Unlock

However, you still need to unlock the recipes to craft other types of ammo. They unlock in the merchant’s shop after reaching a certain point in the game. You might see some ammo recipes unlocked before even finding the weapon. Do not worry, it is still likely that you have still yet to find it through progressing further in the story.

You just have to remember to only craft ammo when you need them. The game pauses when you access your inventory to craft so you have ample time to craft them while in battle.

Conserving Ammo Shots

Getting More Ammo From Gunpowder

Without revealing any parts of the story, I would only suggest that you save as many times as possible (if you are not doing any achievement runs). On some occasions, you might find yourself fighting hordes of enemies or key enemies that could lead to a cutscene. Most of the triggers do not require you to shoot bullets, and some enemies are just immune to them.

Before the cutscene triggers, you might end up using some of your ammo, especially ones that are hard to get. However, there are situations where you need some time to recuperate and you have no healing to spare.

It might be a good idea to use some ammo on these enemies that are immune to just stop them briefly. You just need to allocate your resources wisely. If you know the direction you have to go to, you can take a few hits by trying to run past enemies and conserve more ammo.

There are also puzzles (like solving the bell puzzle) that needs you to shoot some shots to complete. This is why it is always nice to keep some leftover materials to craft handgun ammo. It will definitely help when you are trying to beat Lady Dimitrescu and all the other bosses in Resident Evil Village.


One of Resident Evil’s most loved aspects is its difficulty levels. There are a ton of things that make the game hard and ammo management is always the key to finishing Resident Evil games. Resident Evil Village is no different. If you want to challenge yourself, you can increase the difficulty and finish it flawlessly. You will be able to unlock infinite ammo for specific guns in the future if you do.

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