How to Get the 4 Angel Masks in Resident Evil 8 Village

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Enzo Zalamea
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The 4 angel masks will be the main puzzle you need to solve before finishing Castle Dimitrescu. As the statues already appear near the first safe room, you can ignore them for now and continue investigating Castle Dimitrescu.

To get the 4 angel masks, you will go through all the puzzles inside Castle Dimitrescu and it will lead to a fight against Lady Dimitrescu once you solve it. This guide will show you how to get the 4 angel masks in Resident Evil 8 and walk you through all the details surrounding the angel masks.

How to Get the First Mask – Mask of Sorrow

After entering Castle Dimitrescu, you will already find the 4 statues down the main hallway in the Hall of the Four with the clue “Mask the angels’ blinded gaze and only then will you be saved”. There is not much to think about here as the locations of the masks are sequential through the story.

The location of the Mask of Sorrow is still quite far but the first step would be getting the Maroon Eye (inspect and examine the ring to extract it). You can find the Maroon Ring on a statue after getting tied up by Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters in the Bedchamber.

Go to the Prioress Door which is located on the 2nd floor. To go there, just take the staircase from the main hallway and turn right after going up. Open the door with the Maroon Eye you extracted and open the door. Keep following the linear path and you will end up falling down to the bottom.

Keep following the path as this part is quite linear. You will encounter the Hall of War puzzle with a burning chandelier and two braziers beside it. After unlocking the secret passage after the puzzle, keep following the path while looting all the ammo and items you can get.

You will end up being attacked by one of Dimitrescu’s daughters. To defeat her, you need to line her up with the window before shooting her because they become vulnerable from the cold weather.

Go to the kitchen and grab the Sanguis Virginis inside the bowl. Open your map and head to the Wine Room. You will use the Sanguis Virginis here which unlocks a new area where you can get the Courtyard key that opens the door in the dining room to the courtyard.

Head to the courtyard and there will only be one open area you can go to which is located in the bottom-right corner of the courtyard. Continue down the path and you will see a few cutscenes which will ultimately lead you to solve the 4 statue puzzle in the Hall of Ablution.

After solving the puzzle, it will lead you down where the path is also linear. But after seeing the cutscene, you already know that Lady Dimitrescu is after you because you disposed of one of her daughters already.

Examine the lever you see when you get down after the cutscene. You will have your hand chopped off but just kite Lady Dimitrescu in circles and go back to the lever to grab your hand back. It will open another path that opens a gate and you can proceed to go down. You will open a door with Dimitrescu’s key and you will find the statue that contains the Mask of Sorrow.

How to Get the Second Mask – Mask of Joy

With Dimitrescu’s key, you will have to open locked areas. Start with the one in the courtyard. Lady Dimitrescu will start hunting you down like Mr. X from Resident Evil 2 Remake. Do not waste your bullets here.

Once you go inside the locked door in the courtyard, Lady Dimitrescu will not follow you (yet) here. I suggest exploring the area first for ammo and resources while disposing of the other enemies in this area.

After you have finished all that, go to the opera hall and examine the piano. Just use a trial-and-error to play the piece as making mistakes does not do anything. After finishing the piece, you will obtain the Iron Insignia Key.

Lady Dimitrescu will now start hunting you in this area once you have played the piano so be careful. Head back upstairs where you found a locked door before (if you explored before playing the piano). Use the Iron Insignia Key and this will lead to the Hall of Joy.

You will be greeted by one of Lady Dimitrescu’s daughters here and you will have to defeat her. Just use the lever near the middle and it will open up a light. Expose the daughter to the light before shooting her and dispose of her quickly. I believe I used around 5 shotgun ammo and a full round of my pistol to take her down (normal difficulty).

If you lacked the time to finish her in the light, you can pull the lever again. After defeating the daughter, proceed to the Hall of Joy and grab the Mask of Joy on the statue.

How to Get the Third Mask – Mask of Rage

Right in the next room (Atelier), you will need to solve the bells puzzle where Lady Dimitrescu’s portrait is located. Once you have solved the puzzle by hitting all the bells in the chamber, you will make your way up the roof of the castle. You can find some ammo along the way and the F2 Rifle.

Once you are on the roof, there will be flying vampires to take care of. They are much softer than the regular enemies you encounter and give you more Lei. On standard difficulty, you can wait for them to go to you before shooting them twice with the pistol. This way, you can easily knife them when they fall down.

It saves up more ammo which you will need for beating Lady Dimitrescu in the future. Even with the F2 Rifle you just acquired, I still saved them because you can 1-shot Lycans in the next area with it. The path is linear here and you will take a zipline that will lead to the Tower of Rage where you can get the Mask of Rage.

How to Get the Fourth Mask – Mask of Pleasure

Near the Mask of Rage’s location, you will see an elevator going down which you probably encountered when you first entered Castle Dimitrescu. It will lead you back to where you started and you can go back to the save point and buy from the Duke when you get here.

The Mask of Pleasure is located on the second floor of the main hallway (the area where you used the Maroon eye). Open the map and you can see the location of the Hall of Pleasure where the Mask of Pleasure is located. Use Dimitrescu’s key to open the locked door and you will find the statue immediately.

Grab the Mask of Pleasure and it will lock the door behind you. Proceed to the fireplace and crouch under it. You will now face the third and last daughter of Lady Dimitrescu here. Grab the Pipe Bombs on the table inside the small room (Armory). Go to the wall where there is a shelf with a yellow tag.

Hold and pull the shelf. Be careful because the fight has already started at this point. Once you have moved the shelf, you will see a crack on the wall. If you examine it, you will need some strong force to break it.

This can be broken by using the Pipe Bomb you found on the table (there are two of them). Throw the Pipe Bomb near the wall (preferably hitting the third daughter as well). It will crack open the wall and you can lure the daughter here and shoot her.

Mounted Animal Skull location

Once you have defeated her, loot everything you have missed inside the Armory. You will also see the Mounted Animal Skull on the wall which is required to get out of this area.

Grab the Mounted Animal Skull and examine it. It will remove the wooden plank on the back and then, you can put this skull back to the statue to open the locked gate on the door.

As you go back to put all the angel masks on the statues, Lady Dimitrescu is still on the prowl. You have to be careful at this point and there are some occasions that she might be far away from you. Luckily, the safe room is just around the corner and she can never enter this room.

The order for the statues are the following.

Looking directly from the main hallway (towards the clue), the correct order (from left to right) goes Mask of Sorrow, Mask of Pleasure, Mask of Joy, and Mask of Rage.

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