Robloxplayer.exe: Download, Install and Use Roblox Player

John Carlo
John Carlo
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Roblox is a famous game centered around multiple game modes, providing hours of fun and various experiences may it be through custom horror modes or even a first person-shooting game; Roblox has it all for you. Think of it as “What if Amazon itself became a Video Game?”

Going back to the topic at hand, what is this Robloxplayer.exe? Is it a safe program to use? How do I download and use this Roblox Player? Well, that’s what this article is about, so let’s jump to it!

What Is RobloxPlayer.exe?

Robloxplayer.exe is a program file that serves as a bridge that connects your PC to Roblox’s servers. It allows players to join and use different user-generated content in the Roblox Platform. Furthermore, it is a launcher that will enable you to log in to Roblox’s Server with your own account and play all of the games on a single launcher.

How is it different from the one in the Microsoft Store? There’s not much difference aside from the more descriptive layout and user interface of the Microsoft Store version. The photos below should serve as a better reference for their differences.

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Roblox Microsoft Store Side Bar ButtonsRobloxplayer.exe Side Bar Buttons
CatalogConnect (Includes messages, friends, and groups)
MessagesMore (Includes Catalog, Premium, Profile, Friends, Groups, Events, Inventory, Messages, Create, Blog, Settings, About)
Roblox Side Bar Button Comparison Between Microsoft Store and Robloxplayer.exe

Is Roblox Player Safe to Download?

The short answer is yes, the file is safe to download. To ease your mind regarding the safety of this program, we downloaded it for you and scanned it through Kaspersky and Fortiguard Labs; these two are free online file scanners that detect viruses or any malicious content hidden within a file. Here are the results for your reference.

The program is very similar to the Microsoft Store version, albeit with a few alterations to the layout. Additionally, It doesn’t tamper with any of your system settings or any harmful actions for that matter.

Now that you know that it’s safe to download let’s get on with the installation.

How To Download And Install RobloxPlayer.exe?

  • To download Robloxplayer.exe, you have to go to this link: Roblox Player
  • Once you get to the link’s landing page, you’ll have to press the “Download Latest Version” button on the right side of the Roblox Player Launcher.
RobloxPlayer.exe Download Page
Roblox Player Launcher Download Button
  • After you click on that button, it will take you to this page that detects the compatible program for your device.
Roblox Player Page detecting platform
Roblox Player is detecting your platform.

Alternatively, suppose you try to access the link and download the robloxplayer.exe on your Android or IOS phone. In that case, the link will instead redirect you to your respective mobile application (Apple and Google Store) store so that you’ll be able to install Roblox from there.

  • Once it’s done downloading, double click on the robloxplayerlauncher.exe. The program file will automatically download, install and configure the necessary files to play Roblox.
RobloxPlayerLauncher.exe configuring the Roblox installation setup.
Roblox Player Launcher configuring Roblox
  • Afterwards, the program will tell you that it successfully installed Roblox.
RobloxPlayerLauncher.exe successfully installed message notification.
Roblox successfully installed!
  • You are now finally done with installing Roblox Player! You can now launch it through the start menu, and you’ll be able to play and join your friends on Roblox with ease.

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Robloxplayer.exe is a great tool to use in conjunction while playing with Roblox. Lastly, you’ll be able to communicate with your friends, play your recent games with ease, and a whole lot more. Hopefully, this guide helped you discover what the fuzz is about with Roblox Player.

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