How to Open the Combination Lock in Resident Evil 8 Village

Enzo Zalamea
Enzo Zalamea
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As you finish Lady Dimitrescu’s area (Castle Dimitrescu), you will find yourself back in the village where you came from. There are a ton of locked areas you can now access because of the keys that you have acquired from the castle.

To proceed to the house with the red chimney, you must open the combination lock by solving the short puzzle in this area. This guide will teach you how to open the combination lock in Resident Evil 8 Village by showing you the clues on how to get the code for it.

The Combination Lock Location

Combination lock map location

The combination lock is located near a well and below the Fallow Plot in the village. You can access this location by destroying the lock on the gate with your knife. Once you get inside this tiny house, you will find a combination lock under the counter.

You will need to open this to progress to the red chimney house that you need to go to as it unlocks the path with the blocked vehicle.

Combination Lock Clue

Combination lock clue

Inside the tiny house, there is a table with a photo on it. If you closely examine it, you can turn over the picture and you will see the message “Look out the window”. This is where you need to check the tiny house and look for windows.

The window you need to look out for is the one to the right of the counter. Once you look outside the window from this angle, you will notice some numbers that appear in sequence on your screen.

Combination Lock Code

Combination lock code

The picture above is the correct angle so you can clearly see the code. The combination lock code would then be “0 7 0 4 0 8”.

What is Inside the Combination Lock?

Items inside the combination lock

You can now safely open the lock under the counter to get the key item and the gun. It contains the M1911 handgun and the Jack Handle key item.

The Jack Handle will be used to lift the broken car in the middle of the path. This allows you to explore more areas and find the ladder going to the rooftops which ultimately leads to bypassing the locked gate where the red chimney house is located.

Surprise, Surprise!

There is a tiny little detail that I left out for a surprise. All I can say is that it did get me too. This is why the first playthroughs are always special. You can expect more puzzles to be solved later in the game because Capcom is trying to go back to its Resident Evil roots.

Make sure to loot everything you can inside the village. There are a ton of resources where you can even get more ammo to ease your playthrough. There are a lot of locked drawers, gates, and doors that you can now open after beating Lady Dimitrescu. There are also some areas that you might have missed before. I held off on exploring the whole village to save up some ammo in the future.

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