How to Solve the 4 Statue Puzzle in Resident Evil 8 Village – Hall of Ablution

Enzo Zalamea
Enzo Zalamea
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It is a good start by Capcom to try and bring back puzzle-solving in Resident Evil 8 Village. They are a ton of them although some are quite linear. The puzzle we will be solving now will be the 4 statues located in the Hall of Ablution Statues area.

After progressing through the story, you will end up in Castle Dimitrescu. With as few spoilers as possible, this guide will plainly teach you how to solve the 4 statue puzzle inside the Hall of Ablution.

Correct Positions for the 4 Statues – Hall of Ablution

Hall of Ablution Statues Map Location

To avoid confusion, there are also 4 statues near the first safe room in Castle Dimitrescu. This is not really a puzzle but you will only have to insert angel masks to activate them which is past this current puzzle we are solving. You can see the exact location on the map for reference.

Anyway, once you are in the Hall of Ablution, you will see 4 statues and a pool of wine in the middle. You will need to flush out all the wine in the middle to get farther down the castle.

4 Statue Clue - Hall of Ablution Statue

Inside the room, you will find a clue that says “Women are blind to male advances but the poor shall take their chances to give their lord their bounty sown, so that soon the wine may flow”. This is obviously pertaining to the statues inside the room and that solving it will flush the wine away.

The 4 statues that you see inside the room are the lady (looks and dresses like Lady Dimitrescu), the knight, the woman, and the beggars (poor). Each statue can look to each side and not diagonally. You would want each statue to be facing these directions in particular.

  • The Lady – looking towards the woman
  • The Horse – looking towards the woman
  • The Beggars – looking towards the horse
  • The Woman – looking towards the lady

After positioning the statues correctly, you will be able to drain the wine away and you can go down the pool. Although before advancing, you should check outside the hallway first. There is a drawer you can open that gives you materials for crafting (it could be ammo rounds if you are playing on easy). You will always need to get more ammo when you can.

Do not worry about Lady Dimitrescu finding you here. You will see her sometime soon as she is already aggravated at this point. Just make sure to have enough ammo for the boss fight against Lady Dimitrescu. You will be encountering her after getting the 4 angel masks.

Keep up on Key Locations

Traversing through Castle Dimitrescu is a bit confusing at the start. There are way too many locked doors and objectives that it might be hard to notice ones that are just unlocked shortcuts. Not all locked locations are objectives and it is definitely confusing as these locked or ‘key’ locations do not have a marker on the minimap unless you are already on that part of the story.

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