How to Solve the Bell Puzzle in Resident Evil 8 Village

Enzo Zalamea
Enzo Zalamea
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You will encounter the bell puzzle shortly after enraging Lady Dimitrescu and having your hand cut off (again). After defeating the second daughter of Lady Dimitrescu, you will find yourself inside the Atelier room with Dimitrescu’s portrait.

You are left here inside the Atelier where you have to solve the bell puzzle by lighting them all up in the chamber. Here are all of the bell locations inside the Atelier room in Resident Evil 8 Village.

All Bell Locations – Atelier Room – Dimitrescu’s Portrait

When you enter the Atelier, you will find an enormous portrait of Lady Dimitrescu. Upon investigating the room further, you will find a clue that says “Let the five bells of this chamber ring out”.

First Bell

First Bell in Atelier

Just after reading the note, you can already see a bell next to it on the counter. This will be the location of the first bell. Use your knife and hit it to light it up. You will save up more ammo this way.

Second Bell

Second Bell in Atelier

The second bell is swinging behind the window where the first bell is located. It is easy to see and aim for the exact spot on the picture as the bell stops briefly at this point. Just go up the staircase on the left side of the room.

Third Bell

Third bell in Atelier

The third bell is located on top of the shelf with the candle. It is located just right of the door you entered from. Shoot it with your pistol as I tried and failed when I used the knife.

Fourth Bell

Fourth Bell in Atelier

The fourth bell is located outside the Atelier room. You can see it just above Lady Dimitrescu’s portrait. This can only be seen when you are on top of the staircase that was previously mentioned. You have to shoot this one twice. The first shot is used to break the window.

Fifth Bell

Fifth bell in Atelier

The last bell is a little more hidden which a lot of players might have overlooked. The room is dark enough to hide it but just aim for the chandelier on top of the room. It is located at the center and you will have to shoot this one from the staircase as well.

Getting the Mask of Rage

This leads you to an unlocked passage that will give you the Mask of Rage and the F2 Rifle (sniper rifle). Just proceed on exploring the castle’s rooftops afterward and locate all the 4 angel masks. Make sure you are saving up some ammo as you will be beating Lady Dimitrescu soon.

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