How to Solve the Hall of War Puzzle in Resident Evil 8 Village

Enzo Zalamea
Enzo Zalamea
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While traversing down Castle Dimitrescu, you will find yourself stuck at some point with nowhere to go. This point is usually in the Hall of War area because you will have to open a secret passage to go through. The puzzle is not entirely clear until you find the marking on the wall.

You are probably here because you might have missed this one. The guide will be short as it is easy to solve the Hall of War puzzle in Resident Evil 8 Village. Here is how you can solve it and proceed in investigating Castle Dimitrescu.

Finding the Clue

Hall of War Puzzle Map Location

Once you enter the Hall of War area (you can check the map), you will find a dead end. However, you can see that there should be a way to get through once you open your map but the passage is blocked. If you look around the area, you will see a chandelier in the middle that is lit.

Hall of War Puzzle Clue

If you explore the circular room (Hall of War), you should find a clue on the wall that says “Trust in Light”. Right away, you should be thinking that it has something to do with the lit chandelier in the middle because that is exactly what it is. The question is.. what do you do with it?

Lighting the Two Braziers

Hall of War Braziers Lit

Next to the chandelier in the middle, there two unlit braziers on the sides. You will have to light these two up to open the secret passage. To do this, just bring out your knife and slice the chandelier towards the brazier’s direction.

I should emphasize that you should not waste ammo on this. I have seen others players shoot the chandelier to push the brazier. It is a waste of precious ammo. Trying to get more ammo is hard when you are playing anything above hardcore difficulty. There are even guides out there suggesting that you should shoot it to push the chandelier to the brazier.

Once the braziers are lit, it will open a passage in the middle where you can now progress through. This will eventually lead to the next puzzle which is solving the 4 statue puzzle in the Hall of Ablution.

When paths lead to a dead end, you should always double-check your map if there is a path available but not open yet. Apart from key locations and objectives that you would need to circle back to, the correct path should always be linear.

Getting lost in a Resident Evil game is how they get you because exploring is a double-edged sword. There are some paths that you do not have to take and you end up fighting and wasting more resources but at the same time, you could end up with more valuable items or treasures.

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