ID Software is Developing Its Next ID Tech 8 Engine

ID Software's Next Release Could be Use the Brand New ID Tech 8

Abdullah Waseem
Abdullah Waseem
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ID Software is known for using its proprietary ID Tech engine for its games. The engine although hasn’t been tested for much flexibility does remarkably well for titles like Doom and Wolfenstein. This development of the new engine also suggests that ID Software’s next game will use the newer tech.

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ID Software’s Next Game Could Be Using the New ID Tech 8

The current latest ID Tech 7 was introduced back at QuakeCon 2018 with some powerful new features. It had multiple times the graphical texture fidelity and detail as compared to its predecessor. And the overall optimization was quite acceptable too for a proprietary engine.

Doom Eternal was announced as the title that was going to use ID Tech 7 first. Now, however, this new development suggests that ID Software is currently developing its latest rendition in the form of ID Tech 8.

Reports also suggest that the next game from the devs will indeed be using this new tech. ID Tech 7 was a very successful engine, so if the basis have been kept as strong, we can expect the same from the latest edition. As for what the next game is, that can only be guessed.

As far as the first-party games are concerned, we haven’t had a new Wolfenstein in around 4 years. So, a new entry in the franchise could be the first to showcase the engine’s power. The studio is also known for lending its engine to others, we could see other companies develop their titles in it as well. But all this for now are guesses.

What are your thoughts on ID Software’s developing the new ID Tech 8 engine? Let us know in the comments below.

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