Is the Fight Night Coming Back?

Faizan Ahmed
Faizan Ahmed
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Long gone are the Fight Night days. It’s been almost a decade since the latest title for Fight Night was released, the Fight Night Champion. Ever since the gamers have been craving for a fighting game from EA which would lead the way on Metacritic scoreboard for old times’ sake.

It seems like the wait is almost over as VGC has hinted at the revival of the Fight Night game on its official Twitter page. It all began when Eddie Hearn took it to YouTube and told his fans that he’s pitched the idea regarding continuing the legacy of the hyped-up Fight Night to EA.

Later, EA Canada sent out a few emails which further confirmed the rumor that a new Fight Night game might be around the corner. Unfortunately, in the same set of emails, the officials explained that the game production is on hold for the time being.

Fight Night has given EA the much-deserved reputation back in the days. However, for the time being, the UFC franchise stands as one of the biggest breadwinners for the developers. While the idea for a new Fight Night game was in the air, it was about time that EA released the fifth title for UFC, UFC 5.

EA was not willing to risk the quality of their new UFC game for the sake of Fight Night’s revival. Hence, they’re more focused on pushing out a new UFC for now. Still, if not now, then sometime in the future we might be seeing a new Fight Night title.

Since nothing is confirmed so far, the name of Moneyball is roaming around on the internet which refers to the new Fight Night game which will hopefully go into production soon. If you happen to hear something about Moneyball and EA in the same sentence, then it’s referring to the fighting game from the golden era.  

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