Keeping the PS5 Vertically Might Permanently Damage It According to Experts

Hardware experts attribute this issue to a design flaw by Sony

Samam Hasan
Samam Hasan
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  • The problem is caused by liquid metal used to cool the APU
  • Keeping the PS5 vertically might spill the liquid metal over and damage components
  • Not a widespread issue at the moment

According to various hardware experts, keeping the PlayStation 5 vertically has the chance to damage the console permanently. Originally spotted by, hardware experts and shop owners are spreading awareness of this PS5 issue through Twitter which they credit to a design flaw.

How does this PS5 issue occur?

According to user 68Logic, who owns a hardware repair shop in France, the problem is that the liquid metal used to cool the APU might spill over and damage other components. The seal between the APU and cooler is tightly pressed, so this problem should not occur. But, various hardware experts are seeing this happen even with newer models of the PS5.

When the seal gets moved or damaged, the liquid can spill over to parts of the motherboard. As such, there is a chance of permanently damaging it, and will make the whole console stop working. There are cases where a fresh PS5 out of the box doesn’t even start up because of this.

In case the motherboard does not get damaged, a cooling issue might persist where the PS5 gets overheated after a short while. This would result in more energy consumption and ultimately would decrease the console’s lifespan. According to hardware experts, this has a higher chance of happening when keeping the PlayStation 5 vertically.

Youtuber Cod3r says that this issue is to a design flaw by Sony. He demonstrates this problem by opening an unpacked PS5 which was in a vertical position for months. He shows that the PS5 doesn’t boot up. Later, he discovers that the liquid metal spilled over from the APU.

This problem isn’t widespread yet, but this is something to keep in mind if you own a PS5. Hardware experts hope Sony acknowledges this design flaw and fixes it in newer models.

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