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Richard James
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A gaming console is not something you associate with an international fast-food chain, but the KFC console is a first for the industry. You may have heard rumors or seen the memes on social media, and while most disregarded it as a PR stunt to sell more chicken, it’s actually a real gaming device! 

After several delays, KFC is gearing up for the release of its new concoction. And while most were speculating that the fast-food company might only rebrand an old platform, it turns out the ace up its sleeve is the patented chicken chamber. In retrospect, it all makes sense. And it’s time to discover what is hiding behind the powerful KFC gaming console chassis.

Is The KFC Console Real? 

Gaming consoles are a work in progress. Engineers are constantly tweaking features, streamlining graphics, and improving its processing power. The proof is in the decades-old struggle between industry giants Microsoft and Sony. And while both companies have made tremendous strides with their platforms, the console war may soon end!

Back in 2020, news media started circulating the information that KFC will be entering the gaming market with a proprietary console. Expectedly, the news created a lot of disbelief among gamers, and some perceived it as a meme. However, KFC representatives were not shy to admit that their concept will come to fruition soon.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that in an era of fake news, the original KFC press statement that announced the upcoming release of the console, was not taken seriously. Although Kentucky Fried Chicken supported the new product with a video presentation, most perceived it as a marketing scheme to bring more exposure to the brand.

It bewildered people that a global fast-food brand is seriously contemplating branching into a new unrelated industry. The idea for a console might have seemed exciting in a boardroom meeting. Yet there are huge differences between a concept and designing and manufacturing a complex gaming device.

Partnership With Cooler Master

For some time, it was a running joke that when Colonel Sanders gives the order, the troops have to march to the tune. But the laughter died down after the revelation that KFC is not embarking on the new venture solo but teaming up with Asian hardware manufacturer Cooler Master.

 Partnership With Cooler Master and KFC has resulted in unique blending of food oven and gaming console.
A unique blending of food oven and gaming console.

The Taiwanese company has over three decades of experience designing and manufacturing gaming components. Its resume shows that Cooler Master is a global supplier and not an accidental choice for KFC. 

Has KFC Made Another Console? 

Things that seem strange at first sight, become more apparent if you rewind and check the company’s previous projects. Although KFC is known for its tasty chicken, the company logo has found a home on several gaming gadgets. Several years ago, the brand released a themed Xbox controller. It was well-received and inspired a few other products, such as the fried chicken mouse, keyboard, even a USB stick.

That KFC was becoming ambitious was apparent from the takeout box that functioned as a Bluetooth controller and a smartphone dock for active gamers. It also sponsored a few games and the virtual reality experience called ‘The Hard Way: A KFC Virtual Training Escape Room.’

Looking at the inventory of gaming accessories branded with the company’s logo, it seems that a console was the next logical step.

What Does The Chicken Chamber Do?

chicken chamber

Gaming console brands strive for a slim design, and in comparison, the KFC device is rather bulky. Apparently, the team decided to go with bucket-style housing, and there is a good reason for the shape. Instinctively, you may think the aim was for the console to resemble a chicken bucket, but in reality, it goes far beyond that. It actually is a chicken bucket and a gaming console.

Gamers are aware that most platforms generate a lot of heat, and the engineers responsible for the KFC console found a way to harness that energy. The patented chicken chamber is a compartment within the housing used for storing snacks that are kept warm for the duration of your gaming session.

And no, this is not a gimmick! Although official technical specifications relating to power consumption are not available, most experts assume that at peak performance, the components of the KFC gaming console will draw up to 600 watts. A substantial part of that energy will get transferred into heat, which will be radiated by the components. To offer a better perspective, keep in mind that conventional food heaters have a power requirement of 250 watts – meaning the residual heat from the console should be sufficient to keep chicken wings or nuggets warm. 

What Are The Specifications of the KFC Console?

KFC console specs

Although it gets advertised as a gaming console, judging by the structure of its hardware components, a more appropriate description will be that of a high-power PC. Considering the partnerships with Cooler Master, gamers should expect a rather smooth overall gaming experience.

The unorthodox housing comes with all the bells and whistles. Although KFC is not totally transparent with every detail, a sneak peek under the hood reveals that they’re not joking. The console is a serious project. 

However, we suggest you take most of the specifications with a grain of salt. The project got delayed several times, and upcoming models could reflect the latest industry developments. However, what we know so far is very promising.

The heart of the KFC console is Intel’s Nuc 9 Extreme Compute Element with the 9th-Gen Intel Core i9-9980HK processor – which is one of the best gaming CPUs currently on sale. When it comes to graphics, impeccable visuals are provided by an ASUS RTX graphics card. Although the official site doesn’t imply which graphics card will be used, based on the other components, we believe they’ll use the Nvidia RTX 3080 or 3090. Besides, the console comes with a unique hot-swappable GPU slot. 

Storage gets covered by dual Seagate BarraCuda 1TB NVMe SSDs – which should be speedy enough to run well on most occasions. However, we aren’t sure of why KFC didn’t opt for DDR5 RAM instead. 

KFC’s bargain bucket was the inspiration for the console’s unique shape. This is reflected in the custom-built NC100 chassis that incorporates a cylindrical black body with a red-backlit button and a grill that covers the cooling fans.

The roomy chassis allows for future upgrades of more powerful components. Of course, the center stage goes to the chicken chamber, ensuring the chicken will always stay warm, thanks to the patented design that channels the airflow and heat.

What Games Will Be The KFC Console Play?

What Games Will Be The KFC Console Play

A console is only half the story in a gaming adventure. Essentially, it’s a platform that facilitates the playing of games, and the catalog of game titles is what generally excites players. The console provides the hardware that powers the graphics and gaming engine, thus allowing game developers to expand into new virtual horizons.

Every launch of a new Xbox and PlayStation gets accompanied by the release of numerous exclusive gaming. Gamers gravitate to a given platform because a certain game can only get played on a particular console.

It’s reasonable to expect the KFC gaming console to follow the same pattern. However, there has not been any announcement for platform-specific titles so far.

This should not discourage gamers. Since the console is based on a PC-style architecture, it’s logical to assume that it will run (or at least be based on) existing operating systems, such as Windows or Linux. So, it opens up multiple gaming options because the KFC console will be able to run every game that’s compatible with a standard PC. And, thanks to the respectable hardware, the console will facilitate the playing of an extraordinary amount of impressive games.

If the available technical specification are reliable, the console will easily run demanding games in 4K resolution with high refresh rates. Another big plus is the reported option for gamers to swap the graphics card. Customizing the component setup allows the KFC gaming console to stay current with the latest games for quite a while.

Future upgrade aside, the current performance can adequately handle real-time ray-tracing. The package comes equipped with support for VR gaming and provides 240fps gaming on certain games at 4K resolution.

Gamers will voice their opinion once the large-scale distribution of the console begins. Yet most users will probably not rave about the technical performance. The key conversation topic in the gaming community will be the built-in chicken warmer. It will be an industry milestone and will probably remain the only video game console with the exclusive feature.

Do I Need the KFC Console?

Choices are subjective. Maybe you are a gamer but are not a fan of chicken. Or vice versa. Even if that is the case, it’s hard to ignore the impressive specifications that guarantee a satisfactory gaming journey. If KFC stays faithful to the advertised components, this can be a machine that will flawlessly run most games available for PC.

Kentucky Fried Chicken Gaming Console - Ultimate home experiance, hybrid of  gaming  and chicken warming device
Kentucky Fried Chicken Gaming Console – Ultimate home experience

Plus, it’s an undeniable fact that gaming encourages appetite. And the Chicken Chamber can be a handy accessory. Not just for warming poultry, but other types of snacks. The only discouraging factor can be the price. From that aspect, if you can afford it, it is a good purchase. Although there is no official KFC console price tag, most analyses conclude that it will not be a cheap gaming device.

What Will Be Price Of KFC Console Be? 

The retail price of the KFC console and its release date  is still a mystery. The company has not made it clear if the platform will be a limited edition, or it will have a large release. KFC console price has not been a subject of press releases or insider information. However, experts aren’t hesitant to offer estimates based on the reported components. And weighing in their opinions, it’s become apparent it’s not going to be a budget-friendly console.

For example, the Intel CPU gets priced around $1,000. The pair of SSD cost in the ballpark of $200 and the housing is probably valued at the same price. The graphics have a market price of near $1,000. When it all adds up, it comes at a hefty price tag of around $2,500.

As such, it will be a more attractive option for collectors than casual gamers. However, we can anticipate some price cuts as there might be lower specced variants for the console too. 

KFC Console Preorders

Following the official announcement in 2020, the project was delayed because of unfavorable global events. Recent social media posts from KFC confirm that the company has not abandoned the project. However, they also don’t share any new information about the expected KFC console release date.

Yet, many fans see the latest tweets from KFC as an encouraging sign that the project is still active. No doubt, the company is keeping fans intrigued for a reason and still believes the KFC gaming console will have an impact in the gaming world.

Innovation Is In The Bloodline

As a fast-food brand, the company from Kentucky has always innovated. The founder, Colonel Harland Sanders, was not scared to challenge the dominance of hamburgers in the fast-food industry. Sanders also gets credited as one of the entrepreneurs that developed the franchising concept back in the 50s of the last century.

Currently, the Colonel Sanders logo decorates fast-food restaurants in 150 countries and is a synonym for fried chicken. It’s a globally recognized and trusted brand. The well-earned reputation and the fact KFC is a multibillion-dollar entity make it possible to launch new products. Coming up with new schemes to improve the corporate image gets expected from the marketing team.

A few years back, it created a limited edition shoe featuring a fried chicken print. It also promoted an artificial fire log that was chicken-scented. So, it should be no surprise that this new concept for a KFC console with a heated chamber was on the drawing board and will be released. Even the online jokes about the console are in the company’s favor. As they say, there is no such thing as bad publicity.


The KFC console is an innovation for gamers with an appetite. After all, the slogan for the product promises that the console will power your hunger. There is no official information concerning the KFC console price and release date. Yet the monstrous specifications can power most games. Providing an engaging gaming experience. However, KFC’s decision to keep fans in the dark about its plans creates a lot of ambiguity about the console.

It will probably be a promotional product released as a limited edition. The unique Chicken Chamber may seem like a fun gimmick to most, but it’s a practical option for storing snacks that will not go cold.

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