Leaked Elden Ring Cinematic Footage surfaces on 4chan

Sarthak Khurana
Sarthak Khurana
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An alleged cinematic footage from Elden Ring was leaked online. The footage has spread like wildfire on the internet and gaming communities. Obviously, since it’s originating from 4Chan, take this leak with a grain of salt. After all, it’s just a dark video without many details.

UPDATE: the footage has been debunked, the original is at ArtStation.

The leaked footage has instilled a few conversations debates. For starters, Jeff Grubb acknowledged the leak but “he doesn’t know what to think of it.” However, he didn’t state if he saw this leak prior to the public leak or along with us.

Furthermore, two footages of the same leak are being circulated on the internet. One is the original version that is being rapidly taken down from the internet. Then there is the version that was recorded with a handheld camera, distinguished by the sun flare on the screen. The only difference is the lack of audio in the later footage.

While that’s all for the leaked footage, Kadokawa, the parent company of From Software, has mentioned Elden Ring as one of its “priority launches” in its financial call. The financial call also informed the investors that Elden Ring will be out this fiscal year, which means that Elden Ring will be out on or before 31st March 2022.

Kadokawa and From Software aren’t taking any chances with Elden Ring. The George RR Martin collab is one of the biggest collabs not just for From Software, but the video game industry as a whole. So far, all the lips have been sealed but we’ve heard whispers about the game and seen a few leaks here and there.

From Software has confirmed its attendance at the E3 2021 and fans are anticipating that Elden Ring will be at E3 2021. The leaked footage, the financial call info and From Software’s attendance at E3 all points to the fact that Elden Ring’s reveal is bound to happen this summer. If all goes well, we may see the game on shelves as soon as holiday 2021.

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