Little Nightmares II: How To Find All Hats

Adrian Cruce
Adrian Cruce
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When your Little Nightmares II adventure starts, “Mono” only has a paper bag hat. However, by the time the game ends, you can have a maximum of 12 collected (this includes the DLC, which has 2 hats). Learn how to collect all the headgear in the game as you go through the 5 main stages. Some are easy to find while others are pretty well hidden.

Our recommendation is to just play the game and try to collect the hats yourself. Check the level select screen on the main menu. This will show you if you missed a hat. If so, you can replay the stage.

By collecting all hats, you earn the “Far Ahead” achievement.

Note: We will not talk about the Bowler Hat (also known as the Fedora hat), which is automatically gained by the player upon game completion.

Hats In The Wilderness

The Wilderness Level

You can find 3 hats inside The Wilderness level:

The Hunter’s Hat

After you go through the kitchen, inside the hut of the Hunter, go through the hallway. Turn left as you reach the entrance room. You can find Hunter’s Hat right in the middle.

The Fireman’s Helmet

You can easily find this hat. Get rid of the Hunter and jump over the bridge. You will see a cage. There is a hardhat inside and you will also see a crow right on top. Look for boxes stacked on top of each other. You can climb on them. Then, just leap over so you can reach the cage. Get on top and keep jumping until it falls. This gives you access to the hat.

The Nome Hat

The nome hat is only available when you downloaded the Nome’s Attic DLC. Go to the attic and find the key. After you find it, a nome can be seen. Chase it as it tries to get away. You will have to solve a puzzle. The order of the puzzle is:

  • Open the top wall luggage.
  • Throw a shoe at the box near the right wall.
  • Go to the left and open the drawer.
  • Go to the chair and jump on the cushion. You will need to do it several times.

The next step is to follow the nome to a dark area. Keep walking and the nome will light a match. Since the nome stays above you when you move, take it to the right. When it can no longer walk, pull the cart you see. The nome jumps on the cart. Push the cart more to the right.

The nome will open a door and then light a lantern. Look for a switch and use it. Then, backtrack towards the left side. You will see a filing cabinet. Take out the drawer at the bottom. Climb on top of it and follow the path you did before with the nome. You will get to a cage where the nome hat is found.

Hats In The School

The School

There are 2 hats you can find at The School level:

Football Hat

The game camera makes it difficult to spot this hat. Go to the play-yard, right outside the school. Then, move to the football goal. Go behind it and look for a dumpster you can climb. This is where you will find the football hat.

Bucket Hat

You meet the Teacher and after some time, you see her again. This happens inside the library. When inside the horizontal room, your task is to get past the Teacher.

Look for the wooden ladder on wheels. It is used to access the higher bookshelf levels. In order to progress, you have to push this ladder as far as it goes. Do not do this. To find the Bucket Hat, move the ladder just for a small distance. Then, climb it to get to the middle bookshelf. Collect the hat.

Hats In The Hospital

The Hospital

This level also features 2 hats you can collect.

Teddy Bear Hat

The hospital playroom is where you will find this hat. Pass by the level’s lift that takes you to the incinerator room. Then, look to the far right side. There is a bookcase you can climb. The hat is right on top of the bookcase.

Bandage Wrap Hat

It is very easy to miss this hat so many find it last. Meet the Doctor and move past him a few times. This is when you end up in the underground morgue.

There is a puzzle you need to finish here, the lock and the key one. To do this, jump into the sliding morgue drawer. Six is going to push it to access the room to the side. A jumping puzzle needs to be solved. Look on the ground, near the center table. There is a drawer that you can open there. This is where the hat is located.

Hats In The Black Tower And Pale City

The Black Tower

You got it. The last 2 hats are here.

Police Hat

Get the remote for the TV set. 2 rooms after it you get into one with large boxes. After switching on the TV, you can drop down in the room. As you navigate the lower area, look for a vent shaft. It is on the right side.

Instead of going through the shaft, go left. There is a pile with envelopes and letters there. Get on top of the pile and navigate until the hidden vent is located. This is where the police hat in Little Nightmares II is.

Flat Cap

In Pale City, you need to electrocute the woman. This is done by luring her to the bathroom since it has a wet floor. Move her stool and reach the outside area. In the background, you will see a toy shop. After you enter the room, the hat is visible in the left top corner.

Go around the shelf you see as you enter the room. Get on top of the teddy bear and then up the shelves. Follow the straightforward path to reach the top. Then, just move towards the left and you can get the final Little Nightmares II hat.

The Mokujin Mask

Unfortunately, if you do not have this hat by now, you will not get it. This is because the Mokujin Mask was a pre-order bonus. It automatically appears inside the inventory when the game starts.

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