Luna Abyss New Trailer Reveals Two Of Its Key Characters

The Trailer Also Showcases The Action-Packed Gameplay.

Samam Hasan
Samam Hasan
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  • Developed by Bonsai Collective
  • Currently in development for PC and console
  • Free Steam demo available for a limited time

UK-based developer Bonsai Collective has revealed a new trailer for its upcoming cosmic horror shooter Luna Abyss. The trailer showcases two of its key characters as well as shows the action-packed gameplay players will be able to enjoy. In addition to this, the trailer also goes into detail about how important the two key characters- Aylin and Fawkes are to the lore.

Luna Abyss New Trailer Details Its Main Characters

In Luna Abyss, the two main characters are Aylin and Fawkes. Fawkes is the game’s lead who is incarcerated in the Blood Moon Penal Colony for embodying the characteristic red eyes of the Marked Ones. Fawkes only wants to survive his sentence but Luna Abyss, the moon-turned prison planet, is full of dark secrets and mysteries. Players will be able to uncover these mysteries when they explore this planet.

Luna Abyss Gameplay

Aylin is the player’s primary guide as they step out of their cell and also serves as the governor of Blood Moon. She takes direction from the mysterious All-Father and helps the Scouts under her care. Due to her lack of human understanding, she also makes some questionable decisions.

The story is an important part of the Luna Abyss experience that Bonsai Collective have been crafting, so it’s really great to finally be able to put it front and centre in this brand new trailer.

Benni Hill, Creative Director at Bonsai Collective

In this narrative-driven experience, players will be able to easily traverse through the brutalist alien megastructure from a first-person perspective. They will also uncover the deepest and darkest mysteries of this moon by uncovering the remnants of the colony’s downfall. The combat is also fast-paced in the game and players will have to make split-second decisions when they face corrupted souls and twisted cosmic horrors.

The world of Luna Abyss

Luna Abyss is being developed by Bonsai Collective, a small team of 16 developers. The game is currently being developed for PC and console. A limited-time Steam demo is also currently available.

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