Marvel’s Blade Game Reportedly in Development by Ubisoft

Abdullah Waseem
Abdullah Waseem
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Marvel has quite a portfolio of games ready to be showcased. With the upcoming Disney showcase, we can expect many trailers, reveals, and other announcements. The list of these games includes Black Panther, Marvel’s Spiderman 2, Marvel’s Wolverine, and even a possible Iron Man game.

UPDATE: Ubisoft has cut down rumors of any Blade game in development by them.

However, one game we weren’t expecting at all was Marvel’s Blade. A leaker by the name of JorRaptor just broke the news with definite proof that a Blade game is most probably in development.

All the Pieces Add Up to Form a Blade Game

Joe pointed out that Ubisoft is the developer behind the Blade game. Yes, Blade is getting a playable character in Marvel’s Midnight Sons but it seems like he is getting a solo game as well. Actor Alex Martin posted a few images on Instagram wearing a motion capture suit along with a Ubisoft logo on it.

Source: Alex Martin via Instagram

While this could’ve been any job, it was further confirmed that the game is indeed a Marvel project as the actor was holding a clapperboard titled Marvel on it. And even more curious is the fact the game has the same director as the upcoming Blade movie i.e. Bassam Tariq.

Though both of the actors have indeed posted images in motion capture suits, they have confirmed nothing except that they are working on a video game and that indeed it’s Marvel and Ubisoft behind it. Take this with a grain of salt as there has been nothing confirmed by Marvel or Ubisoft.

It should also be noted that currently, Ubisoft is already working on Disney games in the form of Avatar and Star Wars, they also have their own projects at work. So, even if this motion capture is indeed for a Blade game it is safe to bet that it is at least a few years away at this point.

More From The Leak

Youtuber JorRaptor has also stated that the Marvel ensemble game that Disney has announced to be at the showcase could possibly be a Fantastic Four game. We might also see potential announcements of other rumored Marvel games like Iron Man and Black Panther at the showcase too.

However for the time being the confirmed games for the Disney showcase include:

The showcase will be a live stream and take place on 9 September 2022 at 1PM PDT. On that note do you guys think that a Blade game being hinted by the actors is indeed a Blade game? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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