Metal: Hellsinger Coming to Game Pass Day 1

Abdullah Waseem
Abdullah Waseem
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Funcom Metal: Hellsinger

Xbox and PC game pass is unarguably the best deal in the market. As the library of games continue to expand it is becoming more and more popular. The availability of brand new games especially on day 1 of their release is a total steal. Another Day 1 release is coming in the form of Metal: Hellsinger.

And luckily, it seems Microsoft is in no mood to decelerate this pace. Microsoft has announced a bunch of new games that will soon be available on the game pass. The most prominent out of all is the launch of Metal: Hellsinger day 1 on the Game Aass.

More About the Game

Metal: Hellsinger was announced a couple of years ago by publisher Funcom. The game takes a page out of Doom’s book and integrates rhythm along with dramatic metal music to intensify the gameplay. The first demo of the game was released at the Summer Game Fest earlier this year.

The game packs some nice features and focuses a lot on the musical side of things. If you have a supported keyboard, the game’s music can sync with the lights of your keyboard to add enhanced immersion and a better gameplay experience. The game will also be exclusive to Xbox Series X, and S, and PC. Metal: Hellsinger is set to release on September 15 and coming to Xbox Game Pass on day 1.

Other Games Coming to Game Pass

Some other titles will also be released on Game Pass along with Metal: Hellsingers according to Microsoft’s new announcement. The list includes:

  • Disney Dreamlight Valley: Founder’s Edition (Available now day 1)
  • Train Sim World 3 (Available now day 1)
  • Ashes of Singularity (September 13)
  • DC League of Super-Pets: The Adventures of Krypto and Ace (September 13)
  • You Suck at Parking (September 14, available day 1)
  • Despot’s Game (September 15, available day 1)
Game pass new games
Xbox Game Pass September Games

What games are you guys most excited about? Will you have a go at Metal: Hellsinger? Let us know in the comments.

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